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November 16, 2020: A Postcard from Squalor Holler

The home-based postcard that I’m envisioning: The photo side consists of an image of the Talkeetna Mountains, white peaks standing out against the blue sky. The writing size consists of the statement: Having a good time, wish you were here.” This cliched message is actually a truism. There are so many people I know who I hope will someday visit. I seriously doubt that very many we know really entertained the thought, that they might come up here and check out place out. Now this isn’t going to happen because of Covid concerns. This is a worthy excuse. I doubt that anyone would pick up the virus from us. But we might pick it up from others. Best to just let the postcard idea gather dust.

Afgan postcard

Yesterday I alluded to the fact that winter is bearable if you have the right winter gear. Today, I will say that winter is better than bearable if you have the right winter gear. It’s a beautiful time of year here, and actually, a good time to be outdoors.

Today I was, like yesterday, out for five daylight hours, and one post daylight hour. I am going to continue to adhere to a schedule that allows for this, weather permitting.

I ventured outside at 12:30 p.m. after working for a bit on my essay. I wore multiple layers on my hands, feet, and person. I got cold two hours out. I came in, ate lunch, and hung out by the woodstove. Then, I went back outside.

I first introduced Shadow to Hrimmi, her new ride. Shadow quickly learned and accepted the fact that Hrimmi is not as steady eddy as Tinni. In fact, Hrimmi, in seeing the agility obstacles, got impatient and bucked. Shadow stayed put. This attests to Shadow’s good sense of balance, acquired in the process of being encouraged to engage in a multitude of outdoor activities. I also did agility with Hrimmi, then took her for a short ride.

I next got Raudi out. I did agility with her, then took her for a short ride. I brought the dogs along. Shadow indicated to me she wanted to ride Raudi. I told her that, first, I have to find the sheepskin pad, so that she doesn’t scratch up my saddle.

I next got Tyra out. I did agility with her, then because it was getting dark, I took her for a walk around the loop.

After, I did the evening chores. I had the great fortune of feeling the temperature plummet. I moved the chickens from their perch to their roost, by first having them individually hop on my arm. I then guided them to their roost area, via an opening in the shed wall.

I have, in doing agility, focused on getting the horses adept at going through this month’s obstacles. This is because it would be a mistake, focusing exclusively on breaking the balloons rather than on the course as whole.

Yep, the postcard would have to say “Having a great time, wish you were here.”

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