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November 10, 2020: A Conversation with Ryder, Senior Dog Extraordinaire

Alys: Ryder, how are you doing?
Ryder: I thought you’d never ask.
Alys: What do you mean?
R: You know what I mean.
A: Are you insinuating that you are feeling increasingly more neglected?
R: I don’t know what insinuate means. I am saying yes, I am feeling neglected.
A: Are we doting on Shadow too much?
R: I don’t see you doing much else.
A: We’ve been taking both of you for lengthy walks. And I’ve been including you in on clicker training sessions.
R: Yes, you have been taking me for lengthy walks. As for the clicker training sessions, the only reason I’ve been included is because I involve myself. Now the damn dog is riding around on the horses’ back. What’s with that?
A: You could ride around on Tinni’s back.
R: No thank you.
A: Then what are you complaining about?
R: It just doesn’t seem right, that she is up there, where she acts like she owns the world.
A: Are you getting your share of food?
R: Yes. Except at times you allow her to chew on my bones.
A: I thought the bones belonged to you both.
R: You thought wrong.
A: Any other concerns?
R: Sometimes Shadow gets to go for car rides and I do not.

Ryder Siggi's trail

A: We’ve been going to puppy training class and agility.
R: How come you haven’t been bringing me along?
A: Because Pete’s vehicle is new, and he doesn’t want the seats messed up.
R: You know, Shadow has puked twice in that car. I have never puked in it or any of your other vehicles.
A: Very true. In our defense, I’ll say that Shadow has become the downstairs dog and you have become the upstairs dog.
R: So?
A: You get to hang out with me. We also put up a small gate at the top of the stairs so that you have your own space.
R: This I appreciate.
A: What can we do to restore you to your previous sense of well-being?
R: Get rid of her.
A: Seriously?
R: Yes. Take her back to where she came from. Tell them that she wasn’t working out. You can use me as a reference.
A: This would ruin her for life.
R: But what about me? Look, my coat is all roughed up.
A: At least you have a tail you can wag.
R: True. But at times she pulls pretty hard on it. I can’t pull on hers.
A: That there is just one of life’s biggest unfairnesses.
R: It sounds to me like you and Pete have decided that she’s staying.
A: That’s right.
R: If it was a choice between her or me going, who’d go?
A: Neither. There is no choice.
R: Oh.
A: What I’m saying is that you have helped us immeasurably with her training and for this we are very grateful.
R: Really?
A: And we hope you keep up the good work.
R: I will most certainly do what I can.

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