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November 9, 2020: Shadow’s Dog Blog: Winter?

The past few days have been quite interesting. On Saturday, Alys and I had our first agility class at Better Companion. I didn’t know any of the dogs there except for one, Betina, a small puppy with short legs. I was really surprised; the other seven dogs and their owners were all business. There was no mouthing off or peeing on the floor. The dogs had their owner’s attention most of the time.

Pete’s been in charge of my Puppy class obedience training. Alys is in charge of my agility training. I enjoy having Alys work with me, but our teacher, Claudia, was right in saying that Alys needs to give me time to think about what I am to do. I am

Tinni, Ryder, & Shadow, corner of Grecorieff& Sybarite

not one for rushing into things, and so I appreciated Claudia’s words of wisdom. I wasn’t asked to do anything too difficult – just walk over a ladder, weave through poles, go over a small jump and race through a tunnel. I can hardly wait for spring, when Alys and Pete put up the home course. That’ll be a lot of fun.

Yesterday was a real shock to the system, let me tell you. It was snowing when Pete put me outside. Then a half hour later, when Alys emerged from the house, it was raining. Of and on, all day, it snowed and rained. It was slushy and cold. Pete, not Alys took Ryder, Tinni, and me for a walk in the woods. Where did the vegetation go? Is this winter thing a permanent deal? I hope not. Alys and Pete don’t seem very concerned about the weather conditions. They keep the house warm and go about their business, so I guess that soon enough, the flowers and greenery will reappear.

The sun did shine today, thank dog. Alys worked inside with me and Ryder—we did some target training. Claudia had said that us agility dogs needed to learn to put both feet on a board. Alys instead used a piece of cardboard. Ryder, who years ago was in an agility class, showed me how to do this.

After, Alys and Pete moved manure buckets to the base of the driveway for a friend. I got to ride down the driveway in the sled. Alys told Pete that I would be a good kid’s dog. Pete said to Alys that she is that kid. Alys seemed pleased by what she perceived to be a complement.

Alys next took Ryder, Tinni, and me for a walk on our trails. I again got to ride Tinni to the first turn in the trail. The very deep snow had a crunchy surface and was soft underneath. I have to say, it was a tiring hike because the snow was up to my chest. Alys called the walk a slog, which I presume is a negative term. She stopped often and took lots of pictures.

Alys called what happened next our collective shining moment. We were at the intersection of Sybarite and Grecorieff Road when a truck with a snowplow came from out of nowhere. He did slow down and Alys was able to hold me and Tinni steady and as well keep a hold of Ryder’s leash.

We all stood still as the plow vehicle passed. Alys was pleased, so much so that she gave us all twofers; that’s the name for double treats. We only get them when we do extra good.

It’s now evening. Alys just made soup, and Pete just finished attending a meeting. It gets dark early, but we don’t, as I would like, go to bed early. Alys and Pete, in the evenings it seems they have a lot to do. Sometimes though, they do sleep in.

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