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January 31, 2020: Tough Times for Some

This seems like its been a long winter, longer than most. No sunny days with temps in the high 20s. Low temps, cold, low temps, cold, wind, wind, wind.

Today we went to Anchorage to assist with the preparations for tomorrow’s Annual Alaska Worker’s Association tamale feed. This was the main reason for going there, the second reason was to drop off boxes of books at various places.

The first stop was Providence Hospital – the volunteer office wanted a box or two of really clean books. They got one box because I only had the time to clean off that many books. The hospital is big – there are many buildings – it’s like a

The Jester
The Jester

college campus without the ambiance.

While we were there, we sought out a co-recycling board member of Pete’s. Her husband was in intensive care, he had taken a fall in his garage a few days ago. We did not have his last name, so we returned to the car, called the recycling center and got the necessary information.

We went to his room – it was near the front desk. He had a huge picture window but has been in a coma, so he hasn’t been able to appreciate the view. His wife was not there. We called her from the car where we had left the phone. I talked to her for some time. She was very overwhelmed.

This, an accident, very sudden, different than a lingering illness. Makes me think of what Carole, my dad’s wife had to deal with when my father died. She did not, however, have to decide when to pull the plugs. She was spared that.

I suppose in such, instances spouses wish they could go back in time and change the course of events. There must also be the onset of what, for some, is a life-long sense of emptiness.

I suppose this is just a reminder for those of us who are lucky enough to have partners who are healthy; that is, that the unforeseen can happen at any time.

None of us live forever, and there must be a reason for this. I was about five when I realized that no one, absolutely no one, lives forever. Then and now, I can only speculate as to what becomes of the spirit. I think we find out after we die, but its then of little consequence because then, we simply are what we are, forever and ever.

We did the tamale thing – it was then very late – the drive home was blustery, wind and snow mixed – the swirls on the roads mesmerizing. We arrived home safe, and for this, I am grateful.

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