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November 7, 2020: Dog and Pony Show, Metaphorical and Otherwise

Been giving a lot of thought to this phrase since it is going to be on my SAAB license plate. DGNPNY. The astute will get it. The not so astute won’t get it. Heck, I might even have some people honk their horns when they see it. It’ll be like the infamous bumper sticker – Honk if you Love Jesus.

The metaphorical meaning has held too much weight for the past four years. Our federal government, and the main sites of government, the Washington based While

House and the Capitol building, have been in a terrible state of disarray since Trump has taken office. The news today was that we have a new president and a vice-president who is a woman. I recalled in hearing the news that Trump’s transition team didn’t begin doing their job until after the inauguration. Biden’s team began doing their job as soon as the word her was elected, was official.

So the proverbial dog and pony show, one riddled with deceit and chicanery, may be a thing of the past. Now, here, the real dog and pony show is gathering momentum.

The day began with me working with the mares for a short while. First Tyra, then Hrimmi, and then Raudi. I put out a rubber feed bucket and opened the gate. Tyra joined me, and then I spent time with the clicker on shaping a behavior that put one foot in the bucket, remove it, then put the other foot in the bucket. She did well. I did the same with the other two; although I had to halter them and lead them out of the pen, to where I’d put the bucket.

After, Pete, Shadow, and I headed on over to the Better Companion Dog training facility, and there Shadow participated in her first agility class. Pete and I could immediately tell that Shadow would no longer be the star of the show, as she has been in Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 classes. The owners of the other dogs had obviously worked with their charges – these dogs were attentive, alert, and eager to learn a new sport.

So today, these dogs and Shadow walked over a ladder, hopped over a jump, raced through a tunnel, and wove around a series of poles. They all did a lot in a short amount of time. Shadow did lack focus every so often, but she seemed to enjoy the activity. She most wanted to run off and play with another herding dog, an English Shepherd.

Pete and I stayed and watched the students in the next agility class. These dogs had already completed the puppy agility class. I was surprised, I thought that those in our class did better.

The dog and pony show continued when we got home. Pete and I took the dogs and Tinni and Hrimmi for a walk. Shadow rode to and from the trailhead on Tinni’s back. She was even able to jump on this back from the rock mounting block in front of the pen.

I next took Raudi for a walk. This was the end of the day’s dog and pony show finale. Tomorrow I hope, more of the same.

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