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November 2, 2020: The Day Before the Election

For some time I have been envisioning myself as being the eye of a hurricane, that is calm, centered, cool, and collected. The turbulence, I imagined, swirls around me. I have to move fast though, in order to keep from being dragged into the encircling storm. Easier said than done, for sure, particularly when we here are experiencing sub zero temperatures and stronger than usual winds. And, it’s only November 2nd. We could conceivably have several more months of bitter weather.

I did okay today, given that the feeling of tension in the air right now is palpable. Most, one way or another, have very

strong feelings about the outcome of the election. I who have my leftist leanings, don’t see that there are two sides to this, as is the case of those who have righteous leanings. There are absolutes and they can’t be disputed. The right wing faction are greedy and needy. The problem is that their viewpoint on abortion rights, environmental issues, and social justice isn’t going to change. But maybe their sentiments will be tempered by the outcome.

I attended my first Zoom meeting today, all the while keeping the storm analogy and my being at the center in mind. Robert drafted a document which indicated what the reuse committee’s findings in regards to reuse have been. I thought it was a good document, short, concise, and yet at the same time it contained an accurate big picture overview.

The subject of the Bright Lights Book Project was foremost on the agenda. From the get-go, the VCRS Director was on edge and in fact said that he was tired due to the fact that he’s been working seven days a week for some time. This set the stage for what was to come. He pretty much said that he was opposed to my being paid a stipend in order to keep the project going because he felt that there would be a conflict of interest, me being a VCRS employee and Pete being on the VCRS Board.

He also said that there were currently no funds available for a shelter or Conex for the books. He also indicated that he was hired to be in charge of recycling not reuse, and that, therefore, the books had to be seen as a recycling commodity.

I spoke two or three times, no more. I could have said a whole lot more but didn’t want to be adding fuel to the fire. I later thought that given the fact that he was so cold and dispassionate that it would not have done any harm, my adding fuel to the fire.

I still have a vision. And having named the Bright Lights Book Project, I think that, somehow, it might rise from the ashes. In the meantime, hundreds of books are going to be shredded. Shred baby shred. This seems right now to be the clarion call.

I am going to hold onto the image of being at the center of the storm for the next few days. Otherwise, I might be knocked off my feet and into the maelstrom. This would not do me or the book project any good.

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