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October 28, 2020: A Conversation between Tyra and Hrimfara

The following conversation took place out on the trail. I was walking Tyra and Hrimfara on the Tin Can trail, and then letting one at a time run loose.

Hrimmi: Tyra, how come Alys isn’t riding us?
Tyra: There are several reasons. First of all, it’s quite cold and she isn’t wanting to take us out individually. And she is waiting on sending my saddle back to the saddle makers; right now it does not fit me.
H: How come she is now just letting you run loose and not letting me run loose?

Tyra and Hrimmin in the Bob Marshall

T: Because a few years back, when she let us both go, we ran off and were gone for several hours. A neighbor found and returned us.
H: Oh, that day was such great fun. Too bad Alys couldn’t keep up with us.
T: She could have. She was just lost in her own thoughts.
H: Yes, she is always thinking hard about something inconsequential.
T: If she kept her eye on us both, we could run free and this would not be a problem.
H: And so you get to race around and leap about and I am stuck walking behind her.
T: I really feel for you.
H: Not really.
T: No, not really.
H: Wait, she’s now swapping us out. Now you are on the lead and I am free to race about.
T: No fair.
H: You now feel how I felt a moment ago.
T: This is no fair at all. You could at least put on a show. You are just ambling along. How about a few bucks and spins?
H: I might canter some.
T: You move like a tank.
H: My nickname is Tank Grrrrl.
T: Do you suppose this is because you are built like a tank?
H: Heavens no. It is because I drink a lot of water when we stop at creeks.
T: Why is this?
H: Because creek water tastes way better than water out of the bucket.
T: Oh. Are you going to move out?
H: Maybe.
T: What’s wrong with you?
H: Nothing. You know, I most enjoy pulling a cart.
T: What?
H: Yes. There is nothing I enjoy more.
T: Not even eating?
H: That’s like comparing brome and timothy hay.
T: Very good. Which one do you like better?
H: Brome.
T: Me too.
H: Okay. Alys is now switching us out again. It’s your turn to run free.
T: Finally. Watch this. I’m going to rise up in the air and simultaneously kick out my front and rear feet.
H: Wow. Where did you learn that?
T: Dunno. But Alys is sure impressed. Look at her. She’s rather awed.
H: Hmm, what can I do that will equally impress her?
T: How about when you are off lead, you run at top speed down and then back up Suicide Hill?
H: Noo, that’s too much work.
T: That’s the problem. You don’t like to exert yourself.
H: There has to be a reason for me to exert myself.
T: And that reason might be?
H: I’m all for getting quickly from point A to point B without having a rider on my back. This is why I so enjoy pulling a cart.
T: To each her own.
H: Yes, to each her own.
T: And then some.
H: Yes, and then some.

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