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October 27, 2020: The Gift of Time

I often, when I’m out and about, come up with ideas for dispatches; sometimes beginnings, sometimes middles, sometimes ends. Today I came up with the above title and the last line, which is, “Thank you again Pete, for giving me the gift of time.”

This is now the first and last line of this dispatch.

I, for the longest time, was unaware that I’d been given the gift of time. It is unlike being given something more tangible, say, a gold watch, a pair of expensive shoes, a nice set of earring. This seeming lack is why we overlook it. In fact, you don’t hear of people at Christmas say “Oh, I was given the gift of time. So and

Alys walking Hrimmi to the start of the October agility course

so is going to keep working while I stay at home and do whatever.”

The catch is, once you have been given this gift, you become less accepting of the alternatives, which in my case would be having to put in a 40 hour work week, maybe doing something mindless, or maybe doing something mindful. No matter, you would know for sure what you’re missing.

I have always, since I was a child, worked at making good use of my time. As a pre-teen I was convinced that I was going to die of a brain tumor before I was 16. I was so sure of this that I made out a will, one that I still have. Problem is, most of what I left, I left to people who are now dead.

I continued to make good use of my time out of habit. What I did not realize until recently, was that this was a gift. Pete has the supposed 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job; although, he has managed to tweak it considerably. We both often talk about what it would be like if we both had a similar income, but it now appears as though this is never going to be.

No income does have its drawbacks because this means that I lack financial autonomy. There is no way around it. I keep telling myself that being unemployed may be better than the alternative.

Yesterday it rain/snowed. As I was doing animal chores, I thought about my friend Heather who has not been given the gift of time. She has to commute to Anchorage and now works as an accountant, in an office in which others are doing the same. She had to brave the icy road conditions, and soon will be leaving and returning home in the dark. She readily admits that this is less than the ideal job.

Me, I worked inside yesterday and went outside and walked horses at my leisure. I didn’t have to punch in, out, or sideways. Nor did I have a commute. Today was much the same. My schedule was my own. The day dawned sunny – it was breathtaking out, what with the snow clinging to tree limbs, and the sky a brilliant blue. I had a choice. I could work inside or outside. I chose to spend most of the day outside.

I started out doing agility. The obstacles were buried under snow. Pete assisted me in extricating them. We set up the course and he videoed me working with the mares. It went well. Then, after, I took the dogs and Tinni for a walk on our trails. I next took Tyra and Hrimmi for a walk. I then rode Raudi on the now packed trails. The mountains were snow covered, with low lying clouds at the base. It was the best of days to be outside.

I thought, thank you Pete, for giving me the gift of time.

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