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January 29, 2020: Tyra and the Talking Trees

I have always wondered why it is that Tyra seems to know about so many things, particularly because she lives in an enclosure and does not have much exposure to the outside world. The answer has slowly been dawning upon me. It is that this horse is very attentive to what’s going on around her, more so than her self-absorbed hoard mates. (I used to say that the mares were, together, a herd, but no, they are a hoard. They do things together, for their own self-benefit.)

Tyra converses with the wildlife, birds, ground animals, and, as I just discovered, the trees. I mentioned to another rider that it was a bit windy for riding and she responded by saying that she does not ride when the trees talk, that is, creak. I then had an ahh haa moment – Tyra is attuned

Tyra next to nurse stump
Tyra next to nurse stump

to what the trees are saying. In the spring and summer, she hears and responds to the leaves rustling, and in the winter, to the creak, creak, creak of the branches and limbs.

On a recent walk around the loop, Tyra had an engaging discussion with the birch, spruce, and willow trees. I did not interrupt, but of course, I listened in. I was able to hear what they were talking about because – I believe.

Tyra: A bit blustery today, isn’t it?
Trees: The temperatures have died down, but the wind has picked up.
Tyra: Bet you all can’t wait for spring.
Trees: Yes, for then we can stretch our limbs and roots.
Tyra: Do you start to get cramped when the ground freezes?
Trees: Yes, mainly in our roots.
Tyra: You use your roots for drinking, right?
Trees: Correct.
Tyra: So, in the winter you must get dehydrated.
Trees: Not really. Our systems also slow down. It’s sort of like bears, going into hibernation.
Tyra: I noticed that some of you are now scarred.
Trees: Yes, the hungry moose come and chew on our bark.
Tyra: This must hurt.
Trees: It’s not too bad. It’s superficial.
Tyra: What must really hurt is when the road crews come through and with those machines, tear many of you up.
Trees: Yes. It’s a wanton slaughter. And it’s so unnecessary.
Tyra: I feel for you.
Trees: That’s good because not many do. Us trees are seen as an expendable item, something that gets in the way of progress.
Tyra: You also are an energy-related commodity – many individuals cut, chop, split, and stack your body parts in the woodshed.
Trees: True, true. We don’t mind being used for firewood. What we do mind is the fact that some who go about this are so mindless. I mean, can you imagine? Some only make partial cuts with their axes, leaving us to die a long, slow death. And others have been known to cut us down around the holidays and just take our top parts.
Tyra: And I imagine that the majority of these wood cutters are not very discriminating as to what trees they choose to take out.
Trees: The worst are those who drive these huge, and I mean huge vehicles – they then take out entire forests. This of course plays havoc on the entire eco-system.
Tyra: What can be done about this?
Trees: Nothing. Just pass the word on, it will be to the betterment of all life forms if humans see us as living beings and treat us with kindness and respect.

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