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October 16, 2020: Alys has a conversation with Shadow

Alys: Shadow, you had yet another big day.
Shadow: They’re all big. Is it always going to be this way?
A: No. When you get older, things won’t seem as new to you. Also, you won’t be getting as much training.
S: Glad to hear it.
A: Are you getting tired of learning so much?
S: A bit.
A: Tonight you attended your first Puppy II class. What did you think of it?
S: I heard Claudia say that in Puppy II that we’d have less playtime. I didn’t understand the logic behind this.
A: This is because in Puppy II, even more of a focus is on training.
S: Is there a puppy III?
A: No.

Rainbow at Claudia's Dog Park

S: Well, maybe there should be a Puppy III class and in Puppy II and III there should be more playtime.
A: Maybe so. But I noticed that you weren’t all that interested in the other dogs during today’s playtime.
S: Yeah, the bigger dogs rumble and the little dogs hide.
A: And you?
S: Tonight I said hello to the two little dogs in the safe zone, ran around a bit, then went and introduced myself to the other dog’s owners.
A: What would you prefer to this?
S: I’d prefer to run in the woods with Ryder.
A: If I could move heaven and earth, I’d have those dogs all accompany us on our trails.
S: Now you’re talking.
A: In the meantime, we have one more Puppy socialization hour, which is tomorrow, five more Puppy II classes, and beginning agility.
S: Beginning agility, is that like what we’ve been doing in the backyard?
A: It’s the very same thing.
S: Are there treats involved?
A: Now you sound like Raudi.
S: Raudi’s the bossy red mare, right?
A: Right.
S: I don’t get it. Those horses will do anything for a plug of grass.
A: It’s an alfalfa pellet.
S: Same difference.
A: Treats are treats.
S: But you can’t compare salmon treats to grass treats.
A: You are obviously getting the better end of the deal.
S: I guess so. So far, agility is fun. So you have signed me up for an agility class?
A: Yes, I have.
S: And it will start soon?
A: Yes, in November.
S: There seems to be a lot of down time in Puppy II class.
A: I think that next week that you’ll be doing more. The problem is that you learn faster than all the other dogs. They then have to catch up with you.
S: Yes. Next time, bring something for me to chew on.
A: I’ll find you a new toy.
S: A big juicy bone would be preferable.
A: Uh, uh. Not with other dogs around.
S: Okay. The new toy will have to do.
A: What do you want to do tomorrow?
S: Dumb question. You know.
A: Go for a run in the woods?
S: Yep.
A: We’ll do. Maybe walk uphill, to the bench.
S: With Ryder?
A: Yes, of course, with Ryder.

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