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October 11, 2020: Happy, Happy, Happy Me

I was looking forward to today for some time. Originally, my friends (who I have been instructing) were all to come here and we were going to do agility firs, then go for a ride. Then a few could not make it. Then Terri, who doesn’t take lessons but rides with us said she’d come over.

It took years for me to get to the point in which I looked forward to riding with others. I know, with most people it’s the other way around. But because of where we live, I have gotten used to going out solo.

So, the plan changed with two riders bowing out, and Sarah and Terri coming over at 1 p.m. Well, Terri arrived at 11:30 a.m. because she thought this was the time she was supposed to be here. She

Sarah and Alys with horses and Petey

also brought along a friend, who’d agreed to ride her other horse, Joe.

I had to switch some internal gears, seems like lately this is quite hard. The gears do shift, but they have gotten rusty. There were then to be two rides, Terri, Shannon, and I going out on the first ride and Sarah, Pete, and I going out on the second ride.

I saddled up Tyra and went on the first ride with Terri and Shannon. We rode our trails. We returned, Sarah was here, Terri and Shannon decided to not go out on the second ride. So Pete, Sarah, and I went on the second ride, to Grizzly Camp. Our dogs, Ryder and Shadow came with, as did Sarah’s dog Petey.

The first ride wasn’t as good as the second because I rode Tyra in Raudi’s saddle, and it pinched her non-existent withers. She repeatedly stopped at the base of every hill and ran off trail a few times.

The second ride was quite good; Raudi is now what we call bomber – a wonderful trail horse with considerable common sense. She’s relaxed, goes in a straight line, and doesn’t waste energy dancing around. Some like the horses that dance around, they call it having spirit. I say, good for them. I am happy with what I have.

The dogs all had a great time, Shadow included. Shadow is now doing what she was born and bred to do, accompany us on trail rides.

Such joy, all of this. But a caveat. I was feeling stressed about my sister Eleanor’s situation. I just could not make up my mind whether or not to go Portland, or when to go.

After Sarah left, I went for a ride on Tinni who is and will always remain my number one riding horse. I then was in the moment – and of course when you are in the moment everything is just fine.

So after, I first talked with Pete and then I talked with Eleanor – I will be going to Portland in early November, at a time when my sister is semi-ambulatory. This will also enable me to finish some stuff here and also see an oral surgeon about my tooth.

So everything is good again. I will go to sleep tonight thankful to have such good friends, wonderful animals, and a partner who continues to give me so much.

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