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October 10, 2020: Fall etc.

Why do they call it fall? Is it because of all the leaves coming off the trees? Or is it because people tend to trip more? Or is it because this is a seasonal downward plunge? I could look it up but I like continuing to speculate. This is what I hate about Google, that it puts an abrupt end to speculation. Speculation leaves us (no pun intended) to other possible ideas and options.

We got up early – it was looking like it was going to be a beautiful day, and it was, though it was a bit nippy early, on and there had been a light frost. I can tell how hard the frost actually was by looking at my cabin roof. Light coating on it this a.m.

Summer view from Grizzly Camp

Pete and I made a long, combined list of things to do early on - -and then jumped on getting things done. He took off and went to check out some dog agility equipment, and also Our friend Robert’s SAAB, which he’d fixed up and had offered to give us.

I did a lot of things around here that were on the list including bringing wood in and the dishes and other whatnot. Then I made sure I was down in the lower quadrant when my friend Becky arrived, as scheduled, at 1 p.m. The plan was for us to go for a hike, which is what we did, this after my giving her the tour. Becky is the Alaska State Fair Head Gardener – she’s the one who orchestrates the entire gardening project. She most enjoys doing landscape design, but also tends to the many gardens and topiaries.

I have always been in awe of her, so I was really surprised when she agreed to go for a hike in our neck of the woods. We went up to the bench via Pete’s trail and down the other side. Then we went to Grizzly Camp. It was a wonderful hike on a beautiful fall day – the sky a brilliant blue, some leaves on the trees still golden, the rest crunchy underfoot.

We talked and talked and talked and talked. The dogs were with – they raced around and this, in addition to the ongoing conversation, gave me great joy.

We talked about our lives, indirectly filling one another in on our past lives. A major commonality – Becky has also done the Great Divide Bicycle Ride. She started further north than I did, in Canada. I finished further south than she did, at the Mexico border.

We also talked about the sorry state of the word, including the seeming lack of care and respect for the environment on the part of so many individuals. I said to her that the hardest part of what seems like a slow and steady death is watching what give us great joy deteriorate and die.

I think the hike did us both considerable good because this area, it is so beautiful. And as Becky so rightly noted when dogs and humans returned – movement is calming.

We agreed, nearly instantaneously, that we will do a trek in Tibet. Maybe, just maybe, an effective vaccine will materialize. And then we can all travel safely again.

Talking with Becky took my mind off my sister’s woes. I have some tough decisions to make, but putting this out of mind for a bit was a welcome respite.

Once at home, I cleaned out the hay shed in preparation for the final load of hay.

Tomorrow my horsey friends are coming over. I have high hopes that there will again be good weather.

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