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September 26, 2020: A Conversation with Tyra

The following conversation took place on today’s hike, steep up and down’s going to and from the bench.

Alys: Tyra, you seem grass obsessed today.
T: Yes. I have been around the block a few times and I know that winter will be here soon and that no more grass will be available. I have to get my share now.
A: I estimate that we have a month more of grass being available.
T: I estimate that in a week, what’s left will be tasteless.
A: No matter. We got a fresh load of hay yesterday, filled one barn, and have two more to fill.
T: Good, good. But hay is not as good as grass.

Tyra at the backyard gate

A: Hay is grass.
T: Dried grass. It tastes okay if I am hungry.
A: It seems to me like you are always hungry.
T: I am always hungry.
A: Then dried grass always tastes okay.
T: But fresh grass tastes far better.
A: Oh, we are now going around in circles.
T: This is because being human, it takes you some time before you understand what’s being said.
A: That sounds like an insult.
T: No, not an insult. Just a truism.
A: You really think that horses are smarter than people?
T: Think it? I know it. You humans may have larger brains, and, specifically, larger prefrontal cortexes, but you use far less of what you have than do your equine counterparts.
A: How do you know this?
T: A few weeks ago, when you were doing some riding instruction, I was in the round pen and I listened in. I deduced the above from what you said to your students.
A: Oh.
T: Oh is right.
A: Well, speaking of small human brains, yesterday was the last day of hunting season.
T: So this is why we are now doing this lengthy walk?
A: Yes.
T: Gosh, the trails are torn up now, something awful. Look at this section here. I have to wade through mud to get to the other side. And this here section is the rule rather than the exception.
A: Yes.
T: I don’t think that right now, we’d be able to make it to Grizzly Camp.
A: It would be a slog.
T: Well, look at it this way. If those driving those nasty ATVS were on horseback, their horses would suffer.
A: The combustion engine changed everything. But before then, horses, who were used for work purposes, were not treated very well.
T: Now horses are primarily used for human recreation, right?
A: Yes, right.
T: And a lot of them are used for specific recreational purposes, one trick pony activities, like barrel racing.
A: Yes, right.
T: Doesn’t sound like much fun at all.
A: Well, I’ll bet those horses that are creatures of routine enjoy that kind of thing.
T: I think you are mistaken. If you asked those horses if they enjoyed their respective jobs, you’d find that most don’t.
A: You mean to say that they’d prefer to be living your life, and going for long trail rides?
T: Yes, this is exactly what I mean.

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