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September 23, 2020: The World Turned Upside Down

This is the image I’ve had in my head as of late: Some are hanging onto tree limbs with the fingers of one hand and hoping the world will again right itself.

My anatomy and physiology teacher told me about someone she knew, a person in their late teens, who believed the world is flat. I could understand it – you get in an airplane and all you see out there is flat land. Of course, the problem is the plane never gets to the edge, so there goes that theory.

But back to the world being turned upside down. We are doing very well here, finishing up the garden harvest. Bountiful is an apt term to describe it. Tomatoes,

Young squash plant

cabbage, all kinds of fruit – tonight we are having local fish, our potatoes, carrots, and swiss chard – a fully local meal. I do not take our being able to eat so well for granted. The world may be upside down, but we are hanging on with both hands and not going anywhere.

Still, my heart is heavy for those who are not eating so well and also are dealing with lost jobs, evictions, gender discrimination, etc. In most cases, this was none of their doing. And our government is doing nothing, nothing at all, to help them out. The claims are that such people created their own reality. The real reality is that our government created their reality. One percent in this country control 97 percent of the wealth.

I am a socialist at heart. What’s wrong with financial equality? What’s wrong with affordable health care? What’s wrong with equitable education? What’s wrong with goods everyone can afford?

Our government is also intent on destroying the environment, because, they say, God put it here for us to use. No, God put it here to manage responsibly, something we humans can’t seem to fathom.

And, oh yes, women’s rights are going down the tubes. So many feminists worked so hard for so long for gender equality – and this is seeming to matter less and less. It’s going to be history not herstory. This is beyond sad. Every woman in this country should be outraged.

Well, if there is a bright spot to this at our end of the world it’s that hunting season will be over in two days. It’s quite odd – I know that they are out there when I’m out riding or walking. Then when they go away, I know that they are gone. The absence of gun shots and the sound of four wheelers are good indicators. Good riddance to them all. And congrats to the moose who manage to survive the wanton slaughter.

I’m going to remain on this soapbox. I think that the view that I have is both liberating and splendid. I’ll step down when the world is again right side up.

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