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January 26, 2020: Tyra and January 2020 Agility

The following conversation took place as Pete took videos of Tyra’s go around with agility. We first attempted to do the course at liberty, which is off the lead line. As the following indicates, this did not go very well. It was -10 F out, and windy, a bit cold for me. A bit blowsy for Tyra as well. Later, I first took her for a much-needed walk, and then we did the course on lead. But as the following indicates, Tyra is not yet ready for prime-time liberty competition.

Tyra: Well here we are again.
Alys: Yes, in the Playground of High Learning.
T: A bit breezy here, wouldn’t you say?
A: Yes, but the sun is shining.
T: There’s the large ball. Watch me kick the ball.
A: Not so fast.
T: Fast is good.
A: We have other things to do first.
T: Who is we? I want to kick the ball.
A: Okay, kick the ball.
T: I want to kick the ball some more.
A: We have other things to do?
T: Like what?
A: First I am going to go through the curtain. Then I will wait seven seconds and you will join me.

Alys and Tyra

T: How come you are starting with the most boring obstacle in the entire world?
A: So that we get it over with.
T: Why don’t we skip it altogether?
A: Nope.
T: Gimme some treats and I’ll wait for you to walk through it.
A: Deal.
T: Smile for Pete.
A: I’m too cold.
T: Well then, why don’t we instead play kick the ball?
A: Nope. Wait here. Now join me.
T: All right.
A: Next we are going over this pole, front feet and then rear feet. Then we stop and wait four seconds before moving on.
T: I’d rather kick the ball.
A: There, you did just fine. Now let’s walk over the tarp.
T: Okay, Movement is good.
A: Next we have the S-bend.
T: Oh no, not the S-bend.
A: Yes, yes, the S-bend.
T: This is the most ridiculous and stupid obstacle ever.
A: I thought you thought that about the curtain.
T: They’re both equally stupid.
A: Just follow me and we’ll do something more interesting.
T: Promises, promises.

(After several attempts in which Tyra walked around and over the S-bend):
Quite obviously this is not going to work.)

T: Quite obviously, you are right. What’s next?
A: You need to step into and out of the hula hoop, leaving your hind feet in the hoop. I count to seven then you walk on.
T: Bo-o-o-o-o-ring.
A: Not bad. A single ding is okay.
T: What’s next?
A: The two flags obstacle. I walk through the flags then after seven seconds you join me.
T: Who designs these courses? Obviously, this person never asked a horse what they’d like to do.
A: What would you like to do?
T: Put out seven or so balls and let me kick them around.
A: Next, the 5-gallon bucket weave.
T: I like this one.
A: And now, you must stand on my right-hand side, and then you backup and stand on my left hand side.
T: Very strange. But I’ll do it.
A: And now, here it is, the ball.
T: I no longer want to kick the ball. I can see Hrimmi and Raudi in the enclosure. They are eating hay. I’d much rather be eating hay.
A: Kick the ball!!!
T: Oh, all right.
A: You can do better.
T: No I can’t.
A: Yes you can.
T: There. I moved it.
A: Not ten feet.
T: Give it up.
A: One more obstacle.
T: Two cones, next to each other?
A: We need to do a figure eight loop around these cones with me on your right-hand side. Do this, and I will let you join the others.
T: I’m doing it, I’m doing it. Now can I kick the ball?
A: Go ahead.
T: And now can I join the others?
A: Go ahead.

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