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September 16, 2020: Animal Farm

Now this title was first coined by George Orwell. I should reread this book – when I read it as a kid, I saw it as being about a specific group of animals. I felt really bad for Boxer the Horse. My father attempted to explain this book to me, and I pretended like I understood what he was talking about. Then I went to school and gave the other students in my fifth grade class my interpretation. They thought I was very smart and pretended to understand me.

Of course, this title is loaded with numerous implications political and otherwise. But remove the implications and the notoriety of this book and what you have here is a dispatch that’s about a day in the life.

Gang of three

It was overcast, some drizzle, a good enough day to be outside. I first took Shadow and Tinni for a walk on our trails. I had done this when Shadow was younger, and she ran home. Today, midway through our walk, she again ran home. I of course praised her when I got back to the house. Quite clearly, what she was saying was that she much preferred to be out on the trails with Ryder.

I had other animals to tend to (you only go around once in life), so Pete took both dogs for a walk when he got home from school.

I next got Raudi out – first I had her problem solve, standing on the folded up gymnasium mat. Then we had a super ride on the trails. We finished the day’s session by doing some liberty work/agility. We nearly have this month’s obstacle course down. It worked well to first do liberty then go through the course with her at the other end of the lead rope. This is because she then knows what to do.

Next up, Hrimmi. I did with her what I did with Raudi. Interesting, she didn’t want to go through the mud patch on Jim’s Road trail. So I weighed my options. I could force her to go around it. I could get off and walk her through it. Or I could go back up trail and cut through the brush that parallels what’s now an ATV trail.

I chose the latter option and prevented any and all dissension.

Lastly, I prepared to take Tyra for a ride. Saddle fit is still an issue. I was told by Dave who owns and makes the Synergist saddles that I just needed to be more cognizant of my balance. The inference was that any saddle I put on her very round back would slip from side to side.

I am beyond the point of frustration with this problem. There has to be something the saddle maker can do about this. I’m at a loss and hoping for a miracle.

Agility with Tyra went just fine. Looks like it will be a good month on the agility front.

Tomorrow, I will again do what I did today, but add Puppy 1 class to the mix. Yep, what we have here is an honest to dog animal farm, with no political ramifications.

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