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September 14, 2020: When the Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

This is a song title. Clear the deck of arcane knowledge. Need more space for more important information. Sad to say, the brain is just a clearing house, and so whatever is inside the truck at the day’s end goes into the depository.

I have been thinking a lot of smoke-related thoughts. Today it was just a tad bit hazy out, and the slightest smell of smoke was in the air. I don’t doubt that some of the smoke from the Pacific Northwest fires has drifted in this direction. The PNW is a long ways away. But then again, there are a lot of fires going on right now in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Large burn in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area

It’s hard for me to imagine the overall devastation because we have not had any large fires here this summer. And in addition, the weather has been quite good. There is also the previously mentioned distance factor. Still, we are affected in that family members and friends are having to deal with the polluted air. As I understand it, they are now regularly consulting what’s called the air quality index.

As Eleanor said, animals, and particular her little terrier Sally, don’t know what an air quality index is. Yes, I know that people and their overall health is important. But right now my heart aches for the wild and domestic animals that are suffering the effects of human induced climate change.

Today, the president visited California and said the fires are a result of forest mismanagement. Okay, if you buy this then you have conceded that the problem is that not enough funds have been appropriated by the federal government to the Forest Service for this purpose. This brings to mind what we experienced last summer. There were some USFS trails in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area that were very well maintained and some that were not. The reason why some were not well maintained was due to a lack of funding. This is what we were told by USFS trail maintenance workers.

If you buy this. I do not. To deny that climate change is not real (as the president says) is to turn a blind eye to the problem at hand, one that’s manifesting itself right now in four states.

I heard indirectly, from a friend in Washington, that this morning her Icelandic mare was covered in soot. Okay, I can relate because I have four Icelandic horses. I had often dreamed about moving to Northern California where I’d heard that the trail riding was excellent. I am now counting my lucky stars – if Tinni, 31, was there, he’d be one hurting fellow. He has heaves, a respiratory related problem, and so smoky air would kill him.

I’m sure that there are many animal owners who are now dealing with this very real problem. I am going to continue to think about them all and send them positive energy. This is all I can do unless I get a call from American Humane requesting my services. If I do get a call (I am on the list), I will go down and give an assist.

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