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September 5, 2020: Oh Glorious Day

There are not too many days like this, one in which the weather is perfect. The weather on this day could be compared to eating a crisp, fresh apple, one off the tree. Temperatures were in the 50s, it was sunny, and there was a very slight breeze.

I thought, I have got to get outside. No more of this hanging out, inside, on nice days. That’s the stuff regret is made of. I will never regret being outside on a nice day.

I had my riding lesson class to prepare for – I moved right along, got my ideas in order. I want to talk about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, so I

had to do some research. I pulled forth some of old anatomy texts, the ones with words underlined and besmirched with yellow highlighter.

I memorized all I could in relation to the central and peripheral nervous systems. However, I did not make much needed associations between this and the other systems. This time around, rereading, I was better able to see the big picture. This took considerable time. And the sun was by now shining brightly. So I finally said to myself, fuck it, I’ll deal with this tonight, and headed outside.

I first took Shadow for a walk in the woods. I tried to include Ryder, but Shadow then did not listen to me. Rather than drag both dogs along, I took Ryder home. Pete took her out for a walk this evening.

I next rode Raudi and ponied Tinni. Raudi (again) was incredibly patient with me, and when I dropped Tinni’s lead line, she sidled up to him so that I could grab it. What a horse.

I was planning on riding Hrimmi and Tyra separately, but then Pete volunteered to ride Hrimmi. This enabled me to save a lot of time. We did all our trails – Pete suggested that in the future that I also ride the trail going in the direction of Grizzly Camp. This got me to thinking – how come I have just been sticking to riding our so-called little trail system? I can make loops off the other trails, too. This is definitely thinking outside the box.

I cleaned the goat pen when we got home. Always makes me feel good. Then I started to get the rest of my gear ready for tomorrow. Our reliable, steady eddy horses are in demand these days, so we’ll be taking all three over to the Saddle Up.

I now just need to print up my notes and have Pete scan a document, one in which I go into copious detail about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

I find it hard to believe that there is a deadly virus out there, and that so many people’s lives, world-wide, have been upended. As the above indicates, this is not true of my life. Things feel much the same, particularly on the home front.

The more contact one has with people, the greater the likelihood of infection. We did have dinner with friends last night, but this was a rare occasion. Nature abhors a vacuum and so do I.

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