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August 31, 2020: A Conversation with Tinni

The following conversation took place with Tinni, as we walked around the neighborhood.

Alys: It’s raining.
Tinni: It’s raining.
A: Yep, it’s raining.
T: How long do you think this is going to last?
A: I am going to be optimistic and say that tomorrow will again be a sunny day.
T: I hope so.
A: This hard on you?
T: Yep.
A: How so?
T: It makes my bones ache.
A: All of them?
T: Just my knees.
A: Well, this is why we are going for a walk. Standing still in your stall is going to do you little good.

Tinni grazing in the yard

T: But it’s dry there.
A: Movement is so important. Okay, think of it this way. I needed to get out. You are keeping me company.
T: You could keep me company in my dry stall.
A: I need to move as much as you do. How about I put your rain blanket on you?
T: No need for that if this is going to be a short outing.
A: Yes, it is going to be a short outing. After, I will dry you off with a towel.
T: Thank you.
A: Did you have a good day?
T: It was so-so. I had no choice but to listen to the mares bitch and complain.
A: About what?
T: The weather. They all wanted to be in heated, dry stalls.
A: And?
T: Seems like they never, ever think they have enough to eat. You’d think they were on starvation rations. Today they were all plotting to find a way to get out of the pen and into the hay shed.
A: They come up with a plan?
T: Yes, but I am not supposed to tell you what it might be.
A: Did you promise them this?
T: No. I was not sworn to secrecy. However, we horses have a pact. If any of us get word of a breakout, we aren’t supposed to tell anyone.
A: Now I’m worried.
T: You ought not be. There is no way they can escape, that is unless you fail to secure the latch. So make sure when you enter or exit the pen, that it is secured.
A: Anything else?
T: Of course, also make sure that the latch on the outer hay shed door is also secured.
A: Well, it would not be the end of the world if they did get in the hay shed. The only thing in there is hay.
T: Yes, you keep the supplements in the house.
A: And I’m learning to hang my coats up out of Tyra’s reach. She’s ripped up all my pockets looking for treats.
T: Of all the mares, she gets the most bored.
A: I am aware of this. I haven’t been riding much lately. I will be riding more when hunting season is over.
T: The ATV and dirt bike riders sure are obnoxious.
A: I see you share my sentiments.
T: Yes, I do.
A: Well let’s get a move on. It’s getting cold here.
T: Right O.

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