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August 26, 2020: A Long Awaited Ideas Day

I have not had an ideas day in some time. I don’t know why this is. I have been in a very dark space. I think this ideas day is a result of putting out a few very large fires. This is making it easier now, to put out the smaller fires. Putting out small fires has also made it possible for me to at least temporarily leave my comfort zone. As my friend Sarah often says, “the possibilities are endless.”

Yesterday, I drove the Tundra for the first time. I am lucky that I learned how to drive stick shift first – if it had been the other way around, meaning this vehicle had manual transmission, I would not be able to do this.

With ideas comes the realization that I am lucky. I am with Pete and surrounded by wonderful animals. This, I think, is why animal-communication related ideas are surfacing.

Here’s the tentative plan --
I am going to continue my animal communication work and training and so am now proceeding in this direction. Verily unto you I say. The biggest challenge right now is giving dogs and ponies equal time. My dog communication/education skills are sub-par, but I am adept at making associations that will keep me from being discouraged.

Pete baked bread today

So this morning I signed up for the Karen Pryor on-line Clicker Expo. I like the prospect of doing this at home. The last time I didn’t get much out of interacting with other animal owners.

I also ordered a box of clickers. I will sell some, and this way I’ll pay for the order. I also signed up for the Horse Agility certification course.

And, I asked my friend Jacki, who is a really good artist, to come up with a business logo that I will have put on hats.

Pete’s building bookcases – I am thinking that I am going to have an animal communication lending library in my cabin.

Additionally, I want to paint my agility obstacles in the Playground of Higher Learning and the Shanty Toybox. Undoubtedly, Tyra will give me a hand.

I must also start cleaning tack. I can listen to horsey podcasts as I work.

This is way more than enough stuff to do.

Right now, Pete is working on vehicle administrativa. I took the fire hose in hand and began dosing the fire. I then handed him the hose, and he’s now putting out the rest of the flames. Later today, Michael, the Subaru dealer, will be delivering our new vehicle. We had decided on one vehicle, a gray blue car – I wasn’t fond of the color, but I said to myself that this is his vehicle. Last night he resumed car shopping and found another vehicle, a maroon car. Most importantly, it has manual transmission, so I can drive it. And it has heated seats.

I feel near euphoric, in having now put out so many fires. This is opening doors that before, were slightly ajar. It’s just too bad that an accident and the near loss of our dog had to bring this about. But at least we were smart enough to realize that we needed to do something about the flames that were licking our feet.

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