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January 23, 2020: Riding the Wave

I can imagine that there is nothing quite as exhilarating than really riding a big surf wave – I am thinking of the waves in which the surfer is in the middle of the wave. I’m sure that the board riders wish those moments would last forever. All that energy, pushing the board and body forward. Those of us who aren’t surfers either dream about this or push the metaphor, extend it into other aspects of our lives.

Right now, my metaphor is the Bright Lights Book Project. Seems like every time I turn around, something new is happening. And it is like riding the wave. Today was a good day – Carole assisted me in moving boxes with sorted books into the bookstore. Bill Schmidtkunz and I

Alys finds something interesting to read in the shredded cart
Alys finds something interesting to read in the shredded cart

unloaded three gaylords full of books. And Sam (A VCRS volunteer) cut down boxes for storing books on the shelves.

At this point in time, the sorting and distribution area is looking good. There are four shopping carts full of books, on hand to be shredded. The children’s books are on the tables in boxes or in bins on the floor, and the home-schooling texts are under the tables, on shelves. The children’s books need to be cleaned and labeled.

The rest of the books are in the bookstore. We’re waiting on the addition of a few more bookcases. A volunteer cut down boxes today – the plan is to put the books in these boxes, on the shelves, so that they’re contained. I think we’ll get the bulk of the books up off the floor Saturday afternoon.

Today Pete went to the Mat-Su College and came home with six, count ‘em six bins of books from the library. I have not yet looked at these books, but Pete said that they are good books.

A couple appeared at the bookstore entrance. The woman told me that they are planning on distributing books to area bars. I told her we can work together on this. What we have, and they don’t, is books. I was really cheered by the fact that they looked at the books that were not yet on the shelves and they got very excited by the selection. She kept saying to the fellow who was with her “Just one box. We should take just one box.” I do not know how many boxes she ended up with, but I suspect that she’ll be back for more.

Towards the day’s end, I sat down in the bookstore for a few minutes. I gave Judy, a hand with a grant proposal. As I sat on a chair, surrounded by books, I felt as though the room had ambiance and is a place in which readers will linger.

I am going to work at home tomorrow (Friday), make a few distribution related calls, and write a few articles. At home or at VCRS, the work is never-ending. Indeed, the wave is ongoing.

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