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August 19, 2020: A Conversation with Tinni

Alys: How you doing old man?
Tinni: Fine, just fine. Enjoying the cool fall weather.
A: And?
T: I really like my stall space. I don’t have to worry about being in the middle of mare drama. But I can social groom over the fence if I want to. And I sure appreciate having yard privileges. It’s also a lot of fun, watching the puppy race around the yard.
A: Are our outings lengthy enough?
T: They are the perfect length.
A: Any requests?
T: Tyra told me all about the turkeys. I would like it very much if you took me over there. I’d like to check them out.

Tinni with yard privileges

A: I have to do this when Farmer John isn’t around.
T: I understand.
A: And the laceration on your side, does it hurt?
T: I would be lying if I said no. It hurts some. It was fairly deep.
A: Pete’s been cleaning it with Chlorohexidine, this will keep it from getting infected.
T: I sure hope so.
A: Any other requests?
T: The grass is getting rather short. There’s not much left to graze. Might you give me more hay?
A: I am not rationing your hay.
T: But you are rationing the mare’s hay. They are really bothered by this. Tyra said that she thinks you are slowly going to starve them out. Hrimmi added that you must be trying to make the hay last because you won’t be able to afford another shipment this fall. And Raudi, who is the most incensed of all, says that the grass grabbing while on trail rides will escalate unless you make the hay rations free choice.
A: You tell Raudi for me that idle threats will get her nowhere.
T: Okay. You know what she now most wants?
A: A baby.
T: No. I mean yes, she does want a baby. But what she most wants is to go and live with your friend Terri. She said that Terri was a good rider who at the same time was kind and gentle. She wasn’t constantly kicking and whipping her with the crop.
A: You tell her that Terri will be even stricter about the rationing than I am.
T: Raudi is the sort of mare who will take her chances.
A: So she no longer gives a rat’s ass about me?
T: Oh, she cares about you. But she cares even more about getting her grub.
A: I am fully aware of this. Look at all the mares. They are all dangerously fat. This is unhealthy.
T: I am playing devil’s advocate here. They get exercised most every day, so their weight ought not be a problem.
A: But it is a problem. And I can’t up the mileage. I’m way too busy.
T: What are you going to do?
A: Slowly dole out the rations over the course of a day.
T: That’s all you can do.
A: Yes, that’s all I can do.
T: Just want to make sure. I’m going to continue to get what I can eat, right?
A: Yes, you got it.

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