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August 12, 2020: Living the Good Life

Pete’s dad’s area of academic study was the good life. His models, both in his academic and personal life, were the Greeks, and in particular, Plato. I often wish that he was still around because the concept of the good life now intrigues me. And I think that he would say that, yes, we are living the good life.

I do understand that the good life is synonymous with white privilege. If you are born into a family with money, you undoubtedly have the edge when it comes to getting a good education. And if you get a good education, you will inevitably make associations that will enable you to make professional advancements. This, at least, is the case if you equate the good life with having lots of money.

Our living room book case

We do not have a lot of money because we are a one income household. However, we have done very well (at least in our estimation) with what we have. We generally eat very well, and even better when, like this year, Pete puts time and effort into gardening. We live in a quiet area. We have animals who keep us amused. I need a new vehicle, but generally, we have functioning vehicles. And our lifestyle (which includes our recreational pursuits) is movement oriented. For instance, this evening, after dinner, I first took Tinni on an outing and then did agility with all the ponies.

Pete likes his job – teaching keeps him intellectually stimulated. Today I came out of retirement and resumed working. The Bright Lights Bookstore is again a going concern. I went over to the recycling center after I heard a rumor that they’d gotten a grant and purchased a van. The rumor turned out to be true. I was told that it will be used for book distribution.

I have also been told that in time, there will be a re-use component of the recycling center and this will include a bookstore. And a second bookstore area, in yet another downstairs room, has been stocked with books.

Hearing all of this made me want to resume working there. So this is what I began doing this afternoon. The question is, where do I begin? There are literally thousands of books lying about. I am thinking I’ll start by boxing books and getting them ready for distribution and the re-use facility. I won’t be able to work full time, but this job is going to take considerable time.

The book project (at least in my estimation) in part complements my own, personal definition of the good life. I so enjoy reading and conversing with others about what I read. And I take great joy in getting the right books into the right hands.

The only drawback is that these days I’m incredibly busy and really ought not take anything else on. This, I am telling myself, means that I’m going to have to do a better job of prioritizing. Easier said than done. Or, easier done than said.

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