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August 11, 2020: The Hero Journey Continues

Today I drove out to Alicia Hall’s place, she purchased Ben and Virginia Crawford’s Lazy Mountain Farm a few years back. On the way there, I had this distinct feeling that Raudi, my spirit horse, was sending me in that direction. I then had the thought that perhaps I might put on my Centered Riding hat and teach a few classes.

I still think that Raudi sent me there. But it was for different reasons entirely. Alicia was a nice enough person, very knowledgeable about the jumping world, and most likely a darn good equestrian. However, I quickly foresaw that she’s in over her head, in the same way Ben and Virginia were. Both owners had enough money to purchase the place. But it’s the sort of place that requires as much as the purchase price in order to be a financially viable working horse farm.

Raudi and Tinni go by the scary corner

For one thing, there is the road going into the place. It is full of potholes. Those trailering in would not be happy about this. And for another thing, it is lacking in proper fencing. Virginia and Ben relied on electric fencing. Alicia is relying on rope, electric fencing, and jump poles with PVC pipes on them. This is the most unreal thing of all. The place didn’t come with a tractor. That mile-and-a-half road blows in in the winter.

It would take more money than conventional fencing, but the place would be ideal for track fencing, that is corridors that wind around the place. This way horses keep moving, which is good for them.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. Alicia has plans to continue building and promoting what I call a versatility course, one in which riders go from one field to the next, and do various disciplines, such as jumping, trail riding, and agility. This is a good idea, and I applauded her efforts in her attempts to get this going.

I figured out why Raudi sent me there on the drive home. I clearly got the message that should I offer to give Alicia assistance, that I’d be going down a road that I’d gone down before, one in which I’d end up putting a whole lot of time and energy into a place that I don’t own. And I don’t need to do this. I need to keep putting energy into our place.

I also realized that though I have designs on finding a place in which my horses will have more access to pasturage that I ought not rush things. We’ve put a lot of time and energy into our place, and it shows. The horses have yard privileges and their very own Playground of Higher Learning. And we have a manure management system that complements our property layout. We also have access to a trail system. Few around here can say this.

Alicia is going to continue her weekend show series. So this Saturday I will go out there and redesign her existent agility course. That is, if the sun is shining. This though, is going to be a one shot deal. Thanks Raudi, for the input.

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