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January 22, 2020: A Conversation with Tinni

Alys: Hey old man, how’s it going?
Tinni: I’m not an old man.
A: Sigh. I keep forgetting.
T: Well remember
A: You are 30 years old; I’m told that for a horse that’s old.
T: Who’s telling you this?
A: People who have horses in their late teens. They say they’re old.
T: They’re wrong.
A: And we are right?
T: Yes, we are right.
A: So, what if I start our conversations by saying, “Hey Young Fellow.”
T: That’s patronizing.
A: How do you know what patronizing is?
T: Tyra explained this to me.
A: She did? How did she know?

Alys holding Tinny 9-07
Alys holding Tinny 9-07

T: Context. She figured it out when you said the same to Pete.
A: Oh.
T: You know, people think we horses are stupid. We are not. We are very perceptive and pick up on things more quickly than most humans.
A: I agree. I think that because you all live in an enclosure that you aren’t exposed to much.
T: Not so. We listen and observe, all the time. You and Pete, you both keep us very amused.
A: How so?
T: Well, the other night he asked if you wanted an assist pen cleaning and you said no, no. But here you were, muttering about being tired and there being a lot of poop. And he was such a nice guy – he got another shovel and rake and gave you a hand.
A: Yes.
T: And he is so much more observant that you are. Like you said to him (and we all heard it) you are the balloon and he is the one holding the string.
A: True, true.
T: But you need to tell him to also stop calling me old man.
A: And Zach?
T: Ditto?
A: Why do you take offense?
T: Because you all might convince me I’m old. Then I won’t feel as good as I do.
A: You’re feeling good?
T: Yes. It helps that you blanket me at night.
A: And the others?
T: They laugh after you put their blankets on them. They don’t need them. They think that you are unnecessarily worried about their getting cold.
A: But they do appreciate it when it’s really cold?
T: Yes, then they don’t say anything.
A: You enjoying the daily walks around the loop?
T: Oh yes. Sometimes I wish there was a little more activity. How come there is not?
A: We live off the grid, meaning we don’t have conventional grid electrical power. You really have to have your act together in order to live this way, because so many things are done manually.
T: And?
A: And so many who own property go elsewhere when the going gets tough. I myself rather like it when there are not many people around.
T: Why is this?
A: I enjoy quietude. I also enjoy there being less activity on the trails.
T: I’m with you there.
A: Back to the question at hand. What do I call you?
T: Tinni. This is my name and what I like to be called.
A: As in hey, Tinni?
T: Yes, as in, hey Tinni.

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