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August 3, 2020: Ryder has a Conversation with Shadow

Ryder: You, young dog, need to learn some manners.
Shadow: Learn some manners, what do you mean?
Ryder: How to behave.
Shadow: I behave just fine. Let’s play some tug. Here. Here’s the tug toy. You take one end, and I’ll take the other and we both pull and see who hangs on the longest.
Ryder: Do you think that I am stupid? We’ve played tug the past six days.
Shadow: But you seem to have forgotten.
Ryder: I haven’t forgotten anything.
Shadow: Alys is really worried about you. She says you aren’t your usual self.
Ryder: She is right. My left eye is bugging me.

Ryder and Shadow play tug

Shadow: It is rather gooey. You want me to lick it clean for you?
Ryder: No.
Shadow: Why not?
Ryder: Right now I’d prefer to be left alone.
Shadow: Alys said that you were once a puppy and very playful.
Ryder: Yes, that’s so. But I had manners.
Shadow: What’s manners?
Ryder: I hear that you are going to puppy classes in a few weeks. I went there – I was so smart I started a few levels up. Then I was enrolled in an agility class. That was way fun.
Shadow: I don’t think I need to go to class. Tonight I walked all the way around the loop with Pete – I heeled the entire way. Pete was very proud of me and himself.
Ryder: But you ran home when out on the trail with Tinni and Alys
Shadow: That’s true. I don’t like being out on the trail with that big animal.
Ryder: I got kicked in the face by that pinto one over there. I learned to keep my distance.
Shadow: Those animals are large, and they have huge feet. Alys seems very fond of them. I don’t get it.
Ryder: You will get it when Alys and Pete do their next long trip. The horses carry them and their gear. And, also, dog food.
Shadow: Alys is teaching me to ride on the back of the black one.
Ryder: I wouldn’t go there.
Shadow: I do like the view. And it is easier than walking.
Ryder: I am of the firm opinion that the best place for a dog’s feet are on the ground.
Shadow: I beg to differ.
Ryder: Don’t beg. It’s unbecoming.
Shadow: This conversation is very boring. How’s about we play some tug?
Ryder: (Showing front teeth). No!
Shadow: No! That’s a very odd word. Pete uses it when I pee in the house.
Ryder: You are lucky that Pete doesn’t send you back where you came from. Peeing and pooping in the house. That’s shameful behavior.
Shadow: What’s behavior?
Ryder: It’s how you behave.
Shadow: You and Alys and Pete use a lot of words that I don’t understand.
Ryder: In time you’ll figure it all out. Right now, all you need to know are sit, stay, down, heel, and go see Pete.
Shadow: I like go see Pete.
Ryder: Me too. How about we play some tug?

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