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January 21, 2020: Keep the Ideas Coming

Today started out as an ideas day – the latest (in time) being to get a writing class going at the recycling center – resurrect Memory, Memoir, and Memorabilia – after all, this is the perfect place for this, lots of triggers on the premises. Also, lots of books to use in a class. I might also have students order copies of some hard to find books.

And then, I began thinking about an old idea – that is getting the Creativity Clinic up and going again. I’d involve Susan Harris who is the genius behind this effort – have her come here from New York State – we’d do the hands-on horse activities in the morning and the writing and drawing related activities in the afternoons. I could

Alys and Bill sorting in the bale storage area
Alys and Bill sorting in the bale storage area

enlist the assistance of a local horse owner who owns many, many horses. And after, Susan could do a two-day open clinic.

I next went to work – I met with Carole the VCRS Volunteer Coordinator and we went over the long list of Bright Lights Book Project things to do. Then I met with Terri, the VCRS Marketing Director, and we talked about her designing a flier for both the upcoming book sale and Sorting Saturdays. As Terri and I were talking, Carole was designing the Bright Lights Bookstore Facebook page.

I then went downstairs and checked out the new bookstore space. Everyone, including me, are excited about this. All I could say was, “this from that,” that being the early phase of the project, one in which Bill Schmidtkunz and I sorted books on the warehouse floor.

I then entered the sorting and distribution area – the shredders had shredded most of what I’d set aside for them on Saturday. I talked with the shredders’ supervisor – and she told me that if I came up with other things for them to do, they could give me an assist.

It was with this very good bit of news that I resumed sorting. There were lots of romance novels in the bottom of the Gaylord. Rather than toss them, I sorted them into categories – the intent now being to have them available for purchase at the upcoming Valentine’s Day Sale. How cool is that? What then does not sell will become shredder fodder.

By the time I left, there were many, many boxes on the floor. Some contain categorically correctly sorted books, and some are still mixed to sorted material.

I am going into excruciating detail for a reason. I realized on the drive home that my two above mentioned ideas had sort of fallen by the wayside. Sort of. After such a hectic and involving day, they were no longer a source of considerable excitement. Rather, they were on the proverbial back burner.

This is the way it is some days. I just have to keep the early in the day ideas in mind later in the day.

I’m now going to follow through with my original thinking, by contacting some people who might provide additional momentum. Heave ho say I, who am now at a loss for words.

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