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July 20, 2020: Home is where the Horse Is

It didn’t take long to get back into the well-established routine. Without thinking about it, I got up and went outside, to tend to the horses and goats. I then came inside, ate, and got to work. Being at the computer makes me accountable. I have a full plate. I attempted to alleviate my anxiety by telling myself that all I have to do is make sure that I spend my morning hours, like I did today, at the computer, and the work will get done.

I grabbed a new notebook (I have several empty ones) and made lists and sub-lists. Tomorrow, I’ll start in on new and incomplete projects.

Pete moving manure

After making lists, I put my trip gear away and made a list of what it is I used and did not use. I figure that this information will go into the third edition of the Alaska Bicycle Touring Guide. I called the editor of the University of Alaska Press and left a message. I didn’t hear back from him. I’ve never heard back from him. Very well, we will self-publish the guide.

I talked with Pat and Chris, Pete’s brothers. Colleen, Chris’s wife, recently had a stroke and so the guys, separately, filled me in on particulars. Colleen’s rehabilitation process is going to take time. I wish that I could head to Washington State and be a support person, but right now, taking health related risks is a bad idea. This is hard for me, and I’m sure others, to accept.

I next did upper quadrant work – I cleaned the goat pens and I cleaned up the garden a bit. We are on the verge of a slug problem – I think that tidying up the garden by removing dead leaves and other detritus will send the slugs packing.

It was then time to recreate. I took Ryder and Shadow and Tinni for a walk on our trails. This was sort of a bust. Shadow wanted to chew on Ryder’s leash, Tinni wanted to eat grass, and Ryder wanted to chase four wheelers. Next time, I am going to take just one dog with me. Two dogs and one horse are way too much to deal with. If Ryder had a reliable recall, it would be different.

It’s sort of an experiment, raising a puppy and seeing if she willingly continues to come when called. So far, so good.

After dinner Pete and I deliberated for a bit about whether or not to go for a ride because it was drizzling. We finally decided to go for a road ride, with him riding Raudi and ponying Hrimmi and me riding Tyra. It turned out to be a lovely ride. The sun came out and we saw a rainbow, a sign of good luck.

This evening, I watched Ryder and Shadow play. I would not say they are buddies, although Pete begs to differ. I am surprised though, for although they play fierce, Ryder has not hurt Shadow.

I could probably post this same dispatch tomorrow and the next day, for this is the nature of routine.

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