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July 8, 2020: Maintaining Trip Momentum

We woke up to the sound of rain on the cabin roof. I raised my head, looked out the window, saw that water was dripping off the eaves. I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep, but I remembered that Dori was teaching her Zoom yoga class at 8 a.m.

I got up, dressed, and “attended” class. It’s quite strange, to do yoga in my living room while at the same time watching someone on a computer screen. If I had not, in the past, taken classes with Dori, and therefore knew what to expect, I would not do this. I have not and most likely will not do any other sort of on-line meetings or classes. It reminds me of Big Brother. As it is, only my name appears on the screen. I don’t want my classmates to see me or the interior of our place. I value my privacy.

I knew that I’d feel better physically today and in the long run if attended this class. I am not sure that doing yoga has any bearing on me mentally. It could be that the yoga-like expenditure of energy further lowers one’s blood sugar. How could it not?

It’s raining, ugh. This reminds me of being in Fairbanks a few weeks ago and having to get my sorry ass out the cabin door. Here, I don’t have to get my sorry ass out the door. I can hunker down on the home front for as long as I like. Pete isn’t going to give me a shove out the door.

Alys and Pete Wrote this Book

Therein lies the problem, which is motivation-related. I don’t have to do this upcoming trip. I could stay here at home indefinitely. I could become an imposter and tell everyone I talk to that I’m a long distance bicyclist who “in the very near future,” will be riding to Valdez. The prospect of my being an imposter is disconcerting. I could not live a potential lie.

So as to maintain momentum I’ve repacked and am now ready to go. I’m determined to do the next portion of this trip differently. I’m going to go more slowly and take better care of myself. If my shoulder or knees again hurt, I’ll stop and take a lengthy break.

I’m also going to eat better. Dinner is my bicycle touring weak link. And now, I know how to use the Jetboil stove. And as it turns out, I took the old water filter with me. We didn’t check it out before I left but should have because it didn’t work. Turns out that the element – the filter, needed cleaning. Live and learn.

I’m taking an extra water bottle and fewer clothes. I’m going to purchase a pocketknife, one with a can opener. I’ll take the small camera.

My gear will also be better organized. Just one book this time, Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw. I’d like to take a few more books, but I learned really quickly when I set out from Fairbanks that this is a bad idea. Less weight is better.

I’m again taking my COVID kit and a first aid kit. I’m going to be more mindful about wearing my mask and disinfecting my hands. And I’m going to avoid going into lodges.

Lastly, I’m going to cut the pages out of the Milepost that I need and put them in plastic sheets.

All good things I’m doing. A good idea, to make home the midway point of this trip.

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