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June 29, 2020: Disorganization

I returned home, after having briefly simplified my life and returned to find what I left behind in a state of glorious disarray. I left all flat surfaces in our cabin piled high with stuff. For example, books and magazines are stacked high on the kitchen counter, adjacent to the table.

It’s been overcast here, still Pete’s focus has remained on taking care of outside things in my absence. We now have a puppy, so the exercise equipment in the living room has been tossed on the Adirondack chair by the window. I foresaw that I must move it, otherwise Ryder can’t climb up on it and keep her eye out for Squirrelly Whirly.

Puppy paraphernalia is, of course, everywhere. This includes but is not limited to yarn tug toys, bones, balls of various types and sizes, her Walmart chicken, and tug ropes.

I had a mental list of things to do – this list got blown to smithereens. Pete, wearing his quasi fedora, came inside and announced that he can’t find the horse boots. He’s been very supportive of my efforts, so I need to be supportive of his. I stopped writing this dispatch and started hunting for the missing boots, which of course I could not find. I also soon saw that I was looking in the places he had just looked in. Right then, I felt very overwhelmed. I am attempting to pull myself together by writing about this. When I get done, I will hang up the now wet laundry.

Pete and Shadow pick strawberries

I now have to get ready for the next part my trip. I’m going to horseback ride over Hatcher Pass, then bike ride home. There is going to be some backtracking because yesterday I bypassed going over the pass and came home. This part of my venture will require some planning – I’m going to need differing gear for both treks.

I am hoping that my dedicating two days to cleaning up around here and putting things away will put an end to my feeling overwhelmed. Most likely it won’t. Someone may someday make a movie and call it The Curse of Clutterville. No, this is too quaint. How about Son of Clutter? No, the expectation on the part of viewers will most likely involve dogs or large animals. How about “The Revenge of the Junkyard dog?” Nope, I have now gone too far afield. Okay, got it – Stockpiled. Guns will come to mind, but I don’t give a shit. The poster will feature a picture of me, snarling, with a dog chew toy in one hand and a book in the other. I will with my movie earnings, hire someone to put things away for me.

Pete just came in and announced that he found the missing boots, up in the black hole. I am now off the hook since I never, ever, venture up there. It’s his mancave and I have to respect this.

Pete now wants to know where I put my bicycle. I told him I put it in the hayshed and breathed a sigh of relief because this was, interruption-wise, just a blip.

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