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June 27, 2020: Home is Where the Heart Is

The heart is said to be the metaphorical site of emotion, as in oh my aching heart. I wonder who came up with this analogy. I’ve also heard said that the amygdala in the brain, is the pleasure center. This is actually true. Let’s for now say that the two work in concert with one another. Pump, pump, pump, pump, ratta tatta, ratta tatta, and (said Kurt Vonnegut) so it goes.

I got home a day earlier than planned. Pete came and picked me up at the intersection of the Parks Highway and the Hatcher Pass turnoff road. Last night, I talked to him on the phone and told him my two possible options, both of which were weather-related. The first was to go over the pass if the sun was shining. The second was to have him pick me up if it was raining. I looked up at the sky as we were talking and the storm clouds were rolling in. This morning, option two became a reality as the falling rain pelted my tent.

I ate my breakfast inside my tent then packed everything inside up. Then I got out and packed everything outside up. My tent was wet and going to stay wet. It was, after I pulled the cord, a sodden, bulky, heavy mess. But no matter. I had a six mile, downhill ride ahead of me, then I’d be done for the day

Though it was downhill, it was a cold, wet ride. Water from the front wheel spattered my glasses, and once again, I was sopping wet. I had, in just a few day’s time, forgotten what it was like to have wet feet.

I commandeered the espresso stand picnic table and put on dry socks and fleece, then up the yellow umbrella canopy. I again called Pete – fortunately, I had about a minute of cell phone reception left. I said when he answered “Come and get me! I’m cold!” He said he was on his way. Of course, he had some animal chores to do and also, took time to talk to our friend Bill who’d come to get some manure.
In the meantime, I sat under the picnic table. The image that came to mind was of a reverse hurricane, reminiscent of the cloud pattern I’d seen ahead of me on the far side of the Alaska Range. It was a blue cloud-like swirl in the middle of a very blue sky. The analogy – there is chaos in the middle of a reverse hurricane, and calm on the outside edges. Me, I’m feeling very calm, though my edges are blowsy. What I’m wondering is, what’s next? Will the weather cooperate and will I then be able to ride over the pass? Since Pete is going to pick me up, this is now the plan.

It occurred to me that because I was a few days early, my plans felt as though they were suddenly up in the air.

I was of course glad to see Pete when finally he arrived. We loaded up my bicycle and gear, and then returned home, to Palmer.

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