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June 16, 2020: A Conversation with Ryder: Only the Good Die Young

Alys said she’d post another dog blog. I appreciate her doing this – I’m sure she has a lot to talk about. Seems like she’s never at a loss for words.

It appears as though they are going to keep it. It, being Shadow, the new puppy. I thought I heard Alys say that they were taking her back to her original home, but she was just joking. And they do seem to be getting increasingly more attached to her as time goes by.

I don’t understand it. Things were fine before this happened. It was really quiet around here – I had a routine most dogs would envy. I got up late, ate, went back to sleep, on their bed of course. Later in the day, either Alys or Pete or both would take me out on the trails. I’d come home, eat, sleep, and before going to bed, play some serious tug with Pete.

Today Shadow learned she had a voice and how to use it. Lucky me. I played some with her this morning in what Alys calls the upper quadrant. I chased her some and she chased me. Then she hid behind the porch stairs and barked. What a loud voice she has. Then we played some more, if that’s what you want to call it.

Ryder in front of the goat shed

Then we went to town, me in the back seat of the truck and her in the front seat. We pull out of the driveway and she started whining. What gives? She finally settled down, but I don’t think this was the last of it. She’s going to whine to get her way, I just know it.

They purchased her a collar and took her into some building with sports gear and lots of large, stuffed animals. They left me in the car. It isn’t right. They are oblivious to me. This has to change and change soon.

I considered running away from home today, but I realized that the only thing on the wilderness menu right now is porcupine. At least I get two square meals a day here, and Pete makes sure that Shadow keeps her distance when I eat. For this, I am most appreciative.

I talked a bit with Tyra about this strange state of affairs. Tyra seems to know a little bit about most things and is not afraid to voice her opinion. She told me that the novelty of having this new animal around will wear off in time and that Alys and Pete will then resume paying more attention to me. I asked her if there was any chance at all that they might find it another home and she said no; that from what she could tell, all the animals that they bring here stay here.

I told her that Alys keeps saying the inn is full and that there will be no more. Tyra’s response to this was that “the inn here is never full.” “Oh,” I said, realizing that this was a truism.

Tyra also said that in time that Shadow and I will be inseparable buddies and that when she gets bigger, I’ll change my tune. I asked her how she knew this, and she said that change is a constant. My response was, there but for the grace of dog go I.

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