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June 8, 2020: Enough!

Enough means enough. I heard that phrase a lot as a child. Never gave it much thought. It’s like “it is what it is.” I hear either and realize that the conversation is now platitudinal, meaning that it is not going to inspire further thought on my part. Time to turn around and walk away. I don’t then even have to exchange good-by pleasantries. Get while the getting’s good. There’s another platitudinal-type phrase.

Enough is enough – rain. We’ve gotten a good day’s worth of it, enough to dampen down all the outside gardens. Pete’s eager, I am sure, to get his container system in working order. On the next sunny day he will go to the creek and fill up the new container with the new hose system, which is all in the new truck. Has to be a sunny day for this project.

Tinni Grazing

I’ve been working inside most of the day. Went outside to tend to the horses and to help him get the items in the garbage shed into the truck. Then off he went, to the dump.

The weather is such that it could at any minute go either way. We could get more rain, or the sun could come out. Yesterday, I decided mid-afternoon to take Tinni on an outing. Like the previous day, the sky was overcast. It threatened to, but did not, rain. I figured that the weather conditions would be much the same – sunny in the a.m. overcast in the p.m.

I got it all wrong. I set out just wearing a tee-shirt and jeans. I did not take my nylon windbreaker or raincoat or rain pants along. Stupid, stupid me. I rode Peaches Loop – saw that the sky in front of the mountains was dark gray. Heard a few thunderclaps, but they were at the distance. Heard a loud thunderclap. Tinni spooked. Heard a second thunderclap. Tinni bolted. I stopped him and prepared to dismount. As I was dismounting, I began feeling like I was being pummeled by marbles. I looked around and saw hail, bouncing all over. Tinni seemed unphased by this, although he too was not being spared. I ducked under a tree and coaxed Tinni to join me. He rooted around for something to eat while I watched the hail stones.

Five minutes later I decided enough was enough. We were at the intersection of a four-wheeler trail and the midway point of Siggi’s trail. We went left, made out way to the main trail and back to the road.

All I can say was that the walk home sure seemed long. My arms were sore from being hit by the hail, so I held them down to my sides. Tinni, by now was quite bedraggled. I thought that the lice that he’s been harboring finally bailed.

Arrived home, put Tinni in his stall, removed his bareback pad and bridle, and blanketed him. Pete assisted. He told me that he had to coax the mare hoard into the shelter with hay. Made me wonder, who was more stupid, me or them.

It took me a while to warm up. I have been reluctant to go out today fearing the same might happen again today. Indeed, enough is enough.

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