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May 31, 2020: Goodbye Month of May

May has to be one of the most dramatic months of all. We started out with bare branches, snow patches, and mud. And now we have lush green foliage and grass. And the air smells so good, particularly the scent coming off the cottonwood trees.

Now we go into June, which will just be more of the same. Good same, but more of the same. I am inside, upstairs, working on the computer. It feels in looking out the windows that I am in a treehouse.

It rained until late this afternoon – I worked inside, then because the rain had tapered to a drizzle, ventured outside.

Fiddle head ferns are coming in
Fiddle head ferns are coming in

Had a nice ride on Tinni, Ryder accompanying us. Then when I got back, Pete and I readied and took Raudi and Hrimmi for a ride. It was like magic, the rain stopped, and the sun came out, sorta.

After dinner, I will take Hrimmi out for a ride on all of our trails.

The unrest that I spoke of yesterday continues. Those participating in it are being told by politicians to maintain social distance and to wear masks. My dog, how absurd is that? Riots don’t lend themselves to orderly behavior. Interestingly enough, there is a NY Times Video that shows police, all dressed identically, in black riot garb, moving in an orderly fashion, down road. I can’t imagine how the protesters would fare if they acted in an identical fashion and were similarly dressed and had similar riot gear.

This is about the murder of a black man. At the same time, it’s about social injustice. People are mad, and they have every right to be. I feel as bad for small shop owners as I do for health care providers. They have had to close their businesses, which means a loss if income, and now this.

There’s a whole lot of pain and suffering going on worldwide right now. And how will this change us when it’s over? Will we be kinder and more compassionate? Will we have more respect for nature? Will we give up our weapons, finally realizing that we have no need for them? And (my number one concern), will we start to curb our numbers and stop breeding like fucking rabbits?

We are all connected – and the more of us there are, the more connected we become. And the more connected we become, the greater the odds that sometime, somewhere, a virus will wipe us out.

Some are saying that what we now need is a COVID-19 vaccine. This is going to open yet another can of worms. Who is going to get this vaccine? How much is this going to cost? What might be the side effects? And is the demand going to exceed the supply?

If, say, health care workers are the first to get the vaccine, then they will have to deal with the millions who have not yet gotten the vaccine.

Lately, I’ve been picturing us all walking around in space suits, one’s with oxygen tanks. This, because of an airborne virus. It’s all seeming like science fiction come to life.

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