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January 15, 2020: The Articles of Impeachment

Hey hey ho ho. The Bastard’s got to go. This is my sister Eleanor and my rallying cry. I called her today to tell that there was a photo of the articles being carried through the capitol, by seven individuals – I saw this photo and I nearly burst into tears.

I nearly burst into tears because this was such a significant moment in history. There have only been two previous impeachment trials. And prior to each previous trail, the articles were also taken by hand to their final destination.

The articles could have sent by computer, but if this was done, they would not carry as much weight, no pun intended. This

Tyra is raiding Alys's pockets
Tyra is raiding Alys's pockets

seemingly simple act of tradition said a great deal in itself. It is an indication that justice is being upheld. Justice, this is the keystone of democracy. Lawmakers often do a terrible job of upholding it, but for good or bad, it resurfaces like a whale, it’s something that cannot be ignored.

It’s hard for most of to imagine that the pendulum, which has swung way too far to the right, will ever swing back to the left again. But imagine we must, for otherwise this planet and its inhabitants are going to meet a horrific end.

Some are saying that we are approaching the end times. Imagine it, and this is what will come to be. The power of the human imagination has been underrated but needs to be acknowledged as such. This I know to be true.

Okay. So I am imagining a local population that prides itself on having primarily literate individuals. My friend Carole, who works at VCRS, the local recycling center, said last week that one book can change a life. I didn’t fully acknowledge the import of what she said at the time, but her statement has repeatedly been coming back to mind. Yes, that book in the hand of the child at the Mousetrap Daycare Center or the Kellogg Field Farm School may very well be life changing. The child, after reading the book, very well just might say “hey, that was a really good story. I would like to read another.”

And the stories may inspire them to write and share their own stories – they may be written and they may drawn. They will be shared. And more might follow. That spark of creativity will subsequently become a full-blown blaze.

I am my parents’ daughter. My parents are, of course, long gone. What they once were is no more. Neither really realized their full potential as mere mortals. But I sense that wherever they are, and in whatever form they are in, that they are backing my efforts. I picture them as now being diffuse light -- all in all, a positive energy source.

Sometimes I think – I was fortunate in that my parents, like me, had leftist leanings. Convincing them of my viewpoint and vice versa, thankfully that was a battle none of us had to contend with.

And so, the articles of impeachment were delivered in a timely fashion, just like a Saturday night pizza.

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