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May 27, 2020: A Conversation with the three mares about the May, 2020 agility course – and also with the lone gelding

The following conversation took place after three successful rounds of agility.

Alys: How are you all doing?
Raudi: Am I the spokesperson for the group?
Tyra: No, no, today I’m the spokesperson.
Hrimmi: I beg to differ. I should be it.
A: Okay. I’m going to give Hrimmi the nod.
R: That’s because she’s your favorite.
T: Favoritism breeds contempt.
R: Where did you come up with that one?
T: Karl Marx.
A: Now how do you know about Karl Marx?
T: I keep my ears low to the ground.
H: You talking with worms or something?
T: As a matter of fact, yes. The ones over there in the compost heap, they know a little about everything.
Tinni: And the bees, they’re pretty smart too. I was in their area the other night, grazing and they had all kinds of things to say.
H: Can bees predict the future?
Tinni: Not that I know of. But they know a lot about the past. They come with ancestral knowledge.
T: Same with the worms.
R: I can’t believe this conversation is taking place. You all are totally insane.
H: Not me. I don’t converse with the birds or the bees.
T: The birds and bees. This phrase is related to the acquisition of knowledge about sex.
R: Bring it on. The more I learn about this subject, the better off I will be when my time comes.
H: Huh?
R: The birds and the bees, it’s about conception and how it occurs, right Tyra?
T: Yes.
R: Bring on the big guy. I am so ready.
Tinni: I wish I could give you an assist.

Bee hives in mid-April

Bee hives in mid-May

Raudi, I have always loved you.
R: Yeah, totally unfair. They lopped off your balls when you were in Iceland. Do you remember this?
Tinni: No. It’s not something I wanted to remember.
H: Was it painful?
Tinni: How could it not be?
A: Let’s talk about something more uplifting, like today’s agility sessions. It all went well; in fact, better than ever before. Could you mares tell me why this might be?
H: Finally, the footing is good.
R: Yes, the footing is now excellent.
T: No snow, no ice, no mush, great conditions.
A: So you all did well simply because the footing was good?
T: Well, the course was really easy this month.
A: This is because you all built upon what you learned last month, mainly walking in front of me.
H: That’s right. And there were a lot of targets.
A: What did you all think about the water crossing?
T: I liked having the target at the end. This gave me something to focus on as I walked through.
H: Me too.
R: And there were treats on the targets. Good idea.
T: Too bad that the teeter totter wasn’t a part of this month’s course.
A: Yeah, it was just a fun obstacle.
T: It’s all fun.
R: I’ll second this.
H: I’ll third this.
Tinni: I’ll fourth this.
R: Tinni doesn’t do agility.
A: He’s a spectator, and a spectator’s input counts.
T: The worms fifth this.
Tinni: And yes, the bees give this month’s entire course a thumb’s up.

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