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May 24, 2020: Under the Weather and Looking Up

Blustery here, the sky seems to be like a camel, spitting at times. A bit more chilly than I’m used to, but hey, I don’t have to worry about my hands freezing if I take off my gloves. It is, Pete would say, very much a marine climate around here.

I’d like to put in a request for a few more days of sunshine and warmth. Made the mistake before of embarking on the big project. Well, it is nearly done. I have a short stack (and I’m not talking pancakes) to sort through – then I have to do some file management.

Then it’s back to working on my writing. There is now a profound sense of urgency. I have to get “Forks” done and include a chapter about how those I interviewed during the 2017 Fair were affected by the

Pete's bagels
Pete's bagels

cancellation. I can do this. Word has it that the plans for the 67,000 plants are going to change. Tomorrow, I will get the word out about this. First books, then plants. Next thing you know, it’s going to be dogs. It will never be cats, although perhaps kittens.

I’ve heard said that the problem is that many are now adopting puppies and dogs, but because of social isolation issues, the puppies are not getting socialized. Cat owners don’t have this problem. Cats do well in groups of one or two. Dogs need to be around other dogs, so that they can learn to be dogs. Cats are born knowing how to be cats. Some cats are like dogs; this is because they are around dogs.

Plants, I know so little. It’s embarrassing. I suspect that some plants need to have other plants around. I have also long thought that if you pay attention to your plants and focus your attention on them, that this does them a world of good. A case in point – we have a coleus plant, which I think will soon be seven or so years old. For years it has done quite well in the kitchen window. Pete moved it to the bathroom where it now resides with two geranium plants and two amaryllis. I am pleased to report that it is doing really well. If it faltered, I would have moved it back into the kitchen.

Pete’s been heading up our gardening effort. I’ve been cheering him on. It’s so much work. This year we may end up with peaches and strawberries. The bees are located outside the hoop house. Remember last March, Pete dug a six foot pit in the snow for the two hives. Well, the snow is now gone, and the bees are on the move. We did lose a queen – he went and got a new one from a fellow whose last name (no kidding) is King. Now, if you wrote this into a fictional account, you’d be told that it is far too obvious. That it is real life makes it ironic.

Tomorrow, a friend and I might work on hanging baskets. I can do this. This is a manageable garden task. When I think of all that’s involved with our gardening efforts, I end up feeling overwhelmed.

Compost was turned yesterday. I am so glad that I was judicious about adding ice and snow because what is in the station is wet. Otherwise, it would have had to have been watered, and we don’t right now have any extra water on hand.

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