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May 17, 2020: What Routine?

Yeah, I was doing really good, adhering to this wonderful routine. It got me to thinking that I would fit right in in a cloister; although getting up at 5 a.m. for devotionals would have been difficult. The monkeys must have a secret coffee stash. I just cannot imagine.

I have a hard enough time being physically present for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday good morning Zoom yoga. I do not, as most do, have my computer camera working, nor do I turn on the microphone. I just kick back on my gymnasium mat and let the others in the group drink their coffee and chat about seemingly inconsequential things.

Running Bird

I am going to continue to participate in the yoga classes. However, my body awareness work and exercise activities have fallen by the wayside. And today, I didn’t get out for a ride although I did do agility.

I think the reason why I am not adhering to my previous routine is because of the increased amount of daylight and as well the warmth from the sun. Plus, I am now able to move around more – there are not berms of snow blocking my way.

Breakup did seem to last quite a while. Then the snow and mud disappeared quickly.

What did I do today? Well, I looked up prices of books on eBay. Then my friend Heather and her partner Willy came over for a visit. Pete gave Willy the tour and Heather and I talked horse. It was a great visit.

After Heather and Willy left, I spent a bit over an hour in my cabin – I am now making a computerized list of poems, then all my old and new poems will be in one place. Already, I am in my head putting them in like categories. I’ll get them out this winter. It’s hard because some of the poems are quite good – and I am wondering if I’ll ever write anything any better. I am now in the twilight of my years, so perhaps it no longer matters. I may have already made my lifetime literary contribution; in which case I now just need to make this known to my readership.

Yesterday, I cleaned my tack room and trailer and also cleaned our two new saddle pads. Today I cleaned three more saddle pads – I first went over them with a metal brush, then shop vacuumed two of the older pads, then washed the two older pads. A good thing to do – Raudi and Tinni may have lice so all their gear should be taken care of.

I next washed out the feed buckets and prepared tomorrow’s rations.

This evening, after dinner, I did carrot stretches and agility with the three mares. The use of my three-part breath, paired with an actual pause before the agility object, is making all the difference in the world. I can see how where previously I’d been rushing and in doing so had not given the horses time to think about what was next. Of course, they need to also look at the obstacles and assess the situation.

Lastly, I did agility with Buckwheat, the Goat. He has a lot of potential. He is eager to do something. Looks like breeding with Stormy isn’t it.

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