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May 14, 2020: A Conversation with Hrimfara

Hrimfara: Don’t you think it’s a bit late to be taking me out for a ride?
Alys: 10 P.M? Naaah. Look. It’s still daylight.
H: Look at Tinni. He’s going to sleep.
A: He’s asleep at 10 a.m.
H: This really makes no sense to me.
A: Are you up for a ride?
H: I’ll go out if this is what you want.
A: You don’t know how lucky you are. There are horses out there that spend up to eight hours a day, with eight differing people, giving lessons.
H: That’s their problem.
A: What’s your problem?
H: Late night rides.
A: Well, I took Tinni out earlier this afternoon and Pete and I took Raudi and Tyra out later this afternoon.

Hrimmi with a cone in her mouth
Hrimmi with a cone in her mouth

H: How come I am going out last?
A: It is simply luck of the draw.
H: What does luck of the draw mean?
A: Ask Tyra.
H: Hey Tyra, what does luck of the draw mean?
Tyra: Circumstantial.
H: And what does circumstantial mean?
Tyra: Okay. Happenstance.
H: Okay. I sort of get it.
A: Sort of is going to have to be good enough.
H: Look at Tinni and Raudi – they are social grooming.
A: Yep. Raudi is in season.
H: And Tinni has mosquito bites.
A: At least they have one another.
H: We all have one another, sort of.
A: Sort of?
H: I sometimes miss my dam, Signy.
A: She was a wonderful riding horse.
H: And a wonderful mother. She really enjoyed raising me. Her only complaint was that she would have preferred to raise me in a pasture.
A: Well, I try to make it up to you all, by getting you all out often, and by providing interactive activities.
H: By interactive activities, I’ll bet you mean giving us those small gas cans with the packer pellets in them.
A: Yes.
H: Knocking them around does make time go by more quickly.
A: Do horses get bored?
H: Oh yes.
A: Do you all get bored?
H: Not really. You have a routine and so we have a routine.
A: And this routine is good?
H: Uhh, it would be best if our work day ended at 7 p.m. and we spent the next three hours grazing on the lawn.
A: Sorry, the days just seem to be getting ahead of me.
H: But how difficult can it be to adjust your busy schedule?
Tyra: It sounds to me like you are messing with Hrimmi’s biorhythms.
A: Tyra, now how do you know about biorhythms.
Tyra: A little bird told me.
H: Little birds seem to tell you a great deal.
Tyra: They would tell you things too. You just have to listen to what they have to say.
H: I listen to the moose.
A: Well, there you go.
H: They’re unhappy these days because it’s getting harder and harder for them to get from Point A to Point B.
A: Well Hrimmi, let’s go. We may see a few of them tonight, out on the trail.
H: No more late night rides, okay?
A: If this comes to be, I’ll rearrange the riding schedule.
H: Thank you.

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