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January 13, 2020: Bright Lights: Burning the Candle at Both Ends

The light is burning brightly at both ends of the candle. The question is, how much candle is left? I’m not sure. I’m going to have to figure out a way of pacing myself. But there is always more that must be done. This project is much like a house of cards. One strong breath and it could implode. Do card houses implode? I’m not sure of this either.

And so today we drove to Anchorage – this morning the snow and frost were on the trees – the mountains stood out, white, against the gray cloud cover. An omen, I thought, because I do believe in such things.

Oh the books we will know
Oh the books we will know

First stop, Vagabond Blues. I’d put out books there previously, and many had been taken. So I put out more. This is looking like a very good drop off place.

Next stop, the Alaska Workers Association – a labor/union advocacy group. We were ushered into a quasi-conference room and for the next hour talked with one of the volunteer workers, a fellow who sported a head of shiny raven black hair and a beard that was much the same. The volunteer organization helps those who have no union – they provide what they can, food and clothing and legal support included. Pete was better able to hold up the conversation than I was because I have not, as he has, been involved in union activities.

We were told what they do – and we all agreed to keep the lines of communication open. The organization is soon going to have a tamale feed. We’ll go and give an assist getting ready. And Pete is going to see if he can locate a computer or two for their office.

Next we went to The Alaska Native Medical Hospital. There, one of the staff members is in charge of volunteers. I gave them a partial box of books, and she said that, yes, they’d be glad to take more. Talking with her further, I realized that the market for books is actually fairly broad.

Next, we went to the Habitat for Humanity Resale Shop. I found a book (!) entitled Animal Architecture, which is all about just that – what animals build.

Next we went to the Stone Soup Group offices and dropped off childrens’ books, young adult books – and the dinosaur book collection. These books will soon be auctioned off at a fundraiser.

We returned to town – Pete attended a recycling center meeting and I sorted hard cover books in the new work area. It’s a nice space. And I very much enjoy working at night when no one is around. The only problem is that the motion detector lights go off when I’m working. I have to walk/stumble around in the dark to reactive them. A real pain in the ass.

But it was worth it. I found some really nice books that would have been shredded. For a short while I also felt less stressed about this project. But, on the drive home I again felt stressed – there is so much to do. Well, if the house of card topples, I suspect that now others would step in and rebuild it.

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