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May 8, 2020: A Conversation with Eleanor

My sister’s name is Eleanor. She lives in Portland, Oregon. She is the best sister another sister could ever have. We talk on the phone often. I am writing her this letter because I have not written her in some time.

Dear Eleanor

El, It is 11:07 p.m. The evening animal chores are now done. We finished early tonight. We’ve been eating dinner around 9 p.m. then I go back out and finish up. The sun’s now setting close to 11 p.m. so it is easier to get things done now that we have so much daylight. It’s also warmer. And in addition, the snow is about melted, so we don’t have to wind

Eleanor composts

our way around snow berms to get to our final destination.

When I talked to you earlier you told me that you read the dispatch in which I said you weren’t reading my dispatches. Oh oh, I thought. Busted. I was really glad to hear this since I now know my efforts are not for naught.

It’s strange, writing you a letter knowing that others might read it. Letters in envelopes are private documents. Letters on the internet are public documents. Just imagine it – this might go viral. Hmm, there should be a different term other than going viral because right now this particular one has bad connotations. Maybe we’d both end up becoming famous, you in Oregon and me in Alaska.

I so badly wish you were here right now. Bad luck, the plan was for you to come up here after Grey Baby passed on. Now, because of the virus, unnecessary travel is a foolish idea. You’d have to be in quarantine for two weeks – we would put you in the upper guest cabin and leave your meals on the porch. We’d make sure you have enough water and access to the outhouse. Two weeks, though, this would be a long time.

Anyhow, you were here in early winter. Now its early spring. It’s a way different place. I think you’d like it and we sure could use the help. Pete’s now in the throes of doing gardening stuff. I keep telling him that I’d like to give him an assist, but right now the animals are taking up most of my time, as is my exercise regime and my major organizing project. Yes, we could use the help – and you would enjoy the work.

It’s hard now, to find things to talk about with you because right now, one day is much like another. I do appreciate your interest in the Bright Lights Book Project – your affirmation is partially what keeps me going at it. Yes, it’s a very worthy project and I am going to stick it out. No more grr grr grr.

The political situation – I enjoy talking with you about this because you assist me in making sense of it. Things could really be no worse. We are fortunate in that we are on the side of the political fence that understands how viruses work and what precautions to take. There are some out there who are on the wrong side of the political fence and don’t understand how viruses work or that they should take precautions.

I forgot, in phone conversations, to thank you for the very cool Tee-shirt. Yes, I advocate taking the scenic route whenever possible, so this is most appropriate.

It’s tired and I’m late. Time to catch a few elusive zzz’s.

Yer big sister Alys

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