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May 6, 2020: A Conversation with Raudi

The following conversation with Raudi took place this evening, as I was tending to the horses, doing the final evening chores.

Alys: So Raudi, how was your day?
Raudi: Why do you ask?
A: Because I’m concerned about your well-being.
R: I’m a little under the weather.
A: On such a beautiful day?
R: Well, yesterday Dr. Kaiser was here and he gave me a vaccine. I feel a bit achy.
A: And?
R: I’m in season and I feel out of sorts.
A: You seemed just fine today.
R: Given my condition(s) I am fine.

Ays and Raudi

A: Well, I had a good time being with you.
R: It did help, that your friend was late. You took a long time brushing me. Then you sat in a lawn chair and read me excerpts from The Horse magazine. It was like the old days, back when I was at Katie and Bill Long’s place. You used to read to me all the time.
A: Well, I shall do more.
R: I mean, I learned today that an old horse is one that’s over age 15 and a very old horse is one that’s over 30.
A: So you, being 17, are old. And Tinni, being 31, is very old.
R: That’s right; although we don’t see it that way. We are both in good shape, mentally and physically.
A: Yes. So the ride, what did you think of it?
R: It was so good to get back on the trails and do all the loops. Road riding is boring.
A: I felt similarly.
R: I would like to have gone a bit faster, but circumstances did not permit.
A: Yes, Sarah came along on Spiffy.
R: And Spiffy went sideways a lot. This seemed strange to me, like it was a waste of energy.
A: Well, Spiffy has a lot of energy.
R: And so does her owner.
A: Yes. Today this energy was synergistic.
R: Hey Tyra, what does synergistic mean?
Tyra: To grow on itself.
R: Thanks.
T: Don’t mention it.
A: Yes, and Sarah attempted to contain that energy, by doing many, many one rein stops.
R: Yes.
A: And so, what did Spiffy think of this?
R: She just wanted to get out front and expend some of that energy.
A: Yes.
R: I heard what you told her after the ride, about the use of the three part breath. I hope she takes your advice. I actually find your doing this to be very helpful. You are a very tense rider, and so your focusing on your breath is quite calming.
A: At the same time that I am focusing on my breathing, I am inhaling the colors in the sky. This, I think, brings me in touch with the universe.
R: Now you are sounding like Tyra.
Tyra: About time.
A: Raudi, I am so pleased with how you handled the situation today – you were truly the number one riding horse.
R: Thank you.
A: And finally, we are working together really well.
R: Yes, as Pete would say, I trained you up.
A: And you did a wonderful job.

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