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April 29, 2020: A Conversation with the Mares

I did agility with the mares today. After, I listened to them discuss how it all went, as told to Tinni.

Raudi (to Tinni) You are very lucky. You don’t have to do agility.
Tinni: I don’t think I’m that lucky. You go up into the arena and do a few things and then get lots of treats.
Tyra: But we have to do things right or we don’t get treats.
Hrimmi: And it’s very hard, doing things the way Alys wants us to.
Tyra: I do like the carrot stretches that we do beforehand.
Raudi: I like some of them. I have a hard time touching my nose to my ankle on the right side.
Tyra: That’s because you’re old.
Tinni: I beg to differ. Raudi is in her prime.
Tyra: Tinni, you are old.
Tinni: Hey, I was ridden today. Alys was really pleased with how I did.
Hrimmi: And how did you feel?
Tinni: Like it was about time I was ridden again. Being walked around the loop had gotten to be s-o-o-o-o boring.
Tyra: Now back to agility. I had a very hard time getting my back feet into the hula hoop.
Hrimmi: So did I.
Raudi: So did I.

Old Raudi kisses her foot
Old Raudi kisses her foot

Tyra: Well, it was far worse a few days ago when Alys had the hula hoop on the tarp. The tarp kept getting squashed in my feet and the hula hoop kept moving around.
Hrimmi: A very good idea, making a hula hoop out of a garden hose and duct taping it to four connected rubber mats.
Raudi: A good idea, for sure.
Hrimmi: And then Pete had the best idea of all. He suggested that Alys walk me front feet first through the obstacle. This way, I was able to get lined up.
Raudi: So that’s why she was doing that with me. I did wonder.
Tyra: Too many repetitions for me.
Hrimmi: Yeah, and Alys got very frustrated with me. You know what helped? Pete, who was video taping my session, told Alys when she was about ready to give up that I was doing very well. What a great guy.
Raudi: Yes, he’s actually far more patient and calm than Alys
Tinni: And Alys is the self-professed horse person.
Tyra: I think they’re a very nice pair, very compatible. Sometimes when she’s tired, say at the end of a day, he will come and do the evening chores.
Hrimmi: But he never sings to us.
Raudi: I’m not sure I’d want that. Alys’s voice is pretty awful.
Tyra: That’s because she’s tone deaf.
Tinni: I suppose a horse can get used to just about anything.
Raudi: Just about.
Tyra: Other obstacles. What did you think about the weave?
Raudi: Alys had a hard time teaching us what to do. I’m glad she resorted to the use of treats.
Hrimmi: But as the sessions progressed, there were fewer and fewer treats. Why was this?
Tyra: Operant conditioning.
Raudi: Tyra, you keep coming up with these big words. I think that you should just use horse words.
Hrimmi: I agree.
Tyra: Let me tell you this though. I got to watch Pete change a truck tire. Alys showed me how the air pump worked.
Raudi: You have too much time on your hands.
Hrimmi: Not for long. Spring is in the air. Soon the trails will be dry and we’ll again be covering a lot of ground.
Tinni: A good thing, all the way around.

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