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April 24, 2020: Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Spring is a verb as in sprang and sprung. It’s also a noun in that it’s a car part as well as a specific season. Interesting, this morning Pete observed that we have two seasons here, one being the onset of winter and the other being the onset of spring. Not much in between.

Today seemed to me to be the first day of spring (noun). Looked out the kitchen window at breakfast and watched three magpies conferring about what to pick up and take elsewhere. Two were hopping around on a snow berm. One was watching the other two. I wonder if it has ever happened that birds decide to be a seasonal threesome. They’d probably do better at this than their human counterparts.

Tyra and Stormy

My cabin roof is a good indicator of seasonal change. A week ago it was covered with snow. Now you can see the red roof on all four sides of a patch of snow. Pretty soon, the snow, in its entirety, will be melted.

The horses are about three-quarters of the way through their seasonal sheds. Been leaving a lot of hair on the ground for the birds and also putting the bulk of it in the compost.

I’d say we are now on the flip side of breakup. Three-quarters of the ground is now visible in the enclosure. It’s manure free, but extremely muddy. The snow/ice surface in the same has been getting smaller and smaller. In a few days, I will have to start feeding the horses under the shelter because the entire enclosure will be muddy. They are getting a product with their supplements called Sand Purge – this keeps impaction from occurring in their gut.

I did a loop run then went up Jim’s Road and onto the trail. I figured that if the snow was too deep, that I could easily double back. The trail was pretty solid for a while. Then, about three-quarters into my run, I sank into waist deep snow. And at the same time, I broke through a creek bed. I scrambled out of it, but my feet were slopping wet. So I climbed out of the pit and just kept moving.

We got the horses out, me first with Tinni and the dog, around the loop. I stopped to talk to a friend and Tinni wandered off home. I caught up with him about 100 yards from the turn up our driveway. He was just standing there. This is what he does.

Second ride, Pete rode Raudi and ponied Hrimmi and I rode Tyra. We went down to the Murphy Road turn. I focused on my Centered Riding imagery – again, it made a difference for me. A nice transition, from walking and running with the horses to riding them, not very far, and focusing on the four centered riding basics. Tyra is getting increasingly more responsive. The world is our arena.

It’s now light until 10 p.m. I’m getting outside later in the day and staying out later. Had time tonight, before dinner, to do agility with all the horses. To get to the pen we have to wade through mud.

The changes that are going to occur are good changes. Going into spring is preferable to going into winter.

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