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April 23, 2020: Tyra and the Chickens

Tyra: You won’t believe this, but I was up at the cabin and I saw the strangest thing.
Alys: What was it?
T: Pete said they were chickens.
A: Oh, Thelma and Louise.
T: They were sitting on the goat pen gate, just minding their own business. You must have let them out.
A: I did. They were making a lot of noise.
T: They were like birds but fatter. And while they had wings, they couldn’t fly far.
A: Did you have a conversation with them?
T: One flew down, into the front area of the goat pen. The other one turned around and put her butt in my face.
A: So you got a whiff of chicken butt.
T: Phew.
A: You know, many people eat chickens.
T: No.
A: Yes, they say “fuck ‘em, let’s pluck ‘em.”
T: Ewwww. Why do you have them here?
A: Chickens also lay eggs. But not ours. They just hang out and eat chicken feed.
T: Why don’t you give them an ultimatum? Say, lay or be slayed.
A: Because these birds have paid their dues.
T: Paid their dues?
A: This is an expression that means they’ve given us eggs and thus earned the right to hang out here for the duration.
T: Like Tinni.
A: Tinni never gave us any eggs.
T: Just farts. Gosh, that fellow does at time cut some wicked ones.
A: Not much we can do with farts.
T: Actually, if you bottle the stuff you will have methane on hand. You can keep a fire going with that.
A: How do you know this?
T: I once heard you talking with some people who were going to purchase compost about this.
A: I would like to build a methane generator, but I don’t have the time.
T: What do you do with your time? You don’t spend all that much time with us.
A: I spend more time than most with you all except in the winter.
T: Hey now it’s spring, are we going to hit the trails?
A: I suspect that in a few weeks that the ground will be dry and we can get back at it.
T: I’d like that.
A: But I can’t let you run loose in the summer because you’d run off and eat grass.
T: But you can ride me.
A: What did you think of today’s ride.
T: I really like and appreciate how you work on yourself before asking me to do anything.
A: Yes, the use of imagery makes it so I’m a more balanced rider.
T: And I’m then more balanced too.

Chickens sitting peacfully

Stormy comes to say hello

Tyra and Hrimmi come

Tyra comes to say hello

Chicken tells Tyra to get lost

A: Very exciting, today at the trot, I was for the first time on you, in balance.
T: I’m just not used to this.
A: And I think it’s going to be a while before you will be able to follow suit. Hey, did you notice that Hrimmi was tolting?
T: Yes. Very nice.
A: How come you don’t tolt?
T: I don’t have the genes for it.
A: I think you can, but we will leave this conversation for a later time.
T: Do chickens tolt?
A: Only when one of their legs is both the same.
T: Huh?
A: Bad joke.
T: Yes, bad joke.

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