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April 22, 2020: Postcards from the Edge

Having a good time, wish you were here. If I were to send out postcards tonight, I would write this on each and every one of them. Funny thing is, the postcards would be coming from home. Not everyone can say this. Some would (right now) say Having a crappy time, glad you are not here. I feel bad for those who might write this on postcards because I know that their situation is circumstantial. Their meaning the poor, elderly, people of color, and minorities.

I says to Pete tonight that most of these people would give anything to have my life right now. I don’t know how I got here, and I don’t know where I’m going, but I am fortunate in that, truly, my life is an extended vacation.

This morning I continued with my organizational spree – my upstairs work area is looking good – the next warm day I’ll work in my cabin. I still have a number of things to do in both places but I’m covering good ground.

This afternoon I exercised. I went for a ten-mile bicycle ride, to the mailbox and back home. I used to do a lot of bicycling but got out of the habit. The first reason is because we live pretty far from most things. The second reason is that the horse life has been all encompassing. It’s most true right now, this being break up. Lots of slop and glop and manure to deal with.

 Tyra on berm
Tyra on berm

Pete, without my being asked, fixed the cable on my mountain bike. Yep, most would be delighted to have their partner so handy that at the drop of a hat they can fix a bicycle.

As Pete was fixing my bicycle, I cleaned the horse pen.

I chipped away at the remaining snowpack in Tinni’s enclosure – leaving him standing with his rear feet on a small patch. The thought that then came to my mind was no horse is an island.

I ran up to the cabin to get the camera and on my way back down the driveway I noticed that all three mares were out of their pen. I realized that I didn’t latch the gate all the way. Raudi has taught Tyra how to undo the New Zealand latch if it is not fully latched. Well, Hrimmi was walking up the driveway. And Tyra was standing on the top of the five-foot snow berm that bordered the driveway. Raudi was next to her. This was so Tyra – I did have the camera in hand, so I did get photos.

I then took Raudi and Tinni for a walk. The grass is coming back, so I no longer can have two horses off-lead.

This evening Pete and I got Tyra and Hrimmi out. I rode Hrimmi with a bareback pad. Pete walked Tyra. I practiced my Centered Riding four basics and had Pete give me feedback. Up from the hips. This directive is a keeper.

When finally, I was feeling centered, I ponied Tyra. When I grew soft, so did she and Hrimmi.

Second to lastly, I did agility with Hrimmi and Tyra.

Lastly, I took care of more slop and glop. Right now it feels never ending.

I am not complaining. In fact I am hoping that tomorrow is much like today.

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