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April 18, 2020: And what day of the week is it?

It’s easy to forget if you don’t have a context. When I was young and in grade school, every minute from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening was savored. I dreaded having to go back to school on Monday. Same held true in high school and college. Then, for a while, I was an active member in the wonderful world of work. I dreaded teaching as much as I dreaded being a student. The pressure was on.

I have enjoyed working at home. Pete’s working outside the home provided us both with a context. Now he’s working at home, and it’s the same old same old every single day.

I knew today was Saturday because yesterday I attended online yoga class. There’s some context. It still felt like Saturday, which really, is the best day of the week. Always has been and always will be.

Today, I decided that rather than write, I’ll spend the next two weeks cleaning, sorting, and arranging my two work areas. This is a huge project. This mess did not come about over night and it is not going to be cleaned up overnight. I am actually going to tag with a post it those books that I haven’t yet read but would like to read. This project would be a lot easier if I was just dealing with one space; but rather, I am dealing with the upper floor of our main cabin,

Raudi watches
Raudi watches

and my writing cabin. My goal is to get my cabin in good enough order so that I can again work in there this summer.

I did do my body awareness work, and in the process, I had two revelations: The first one was that rather than attempt to do workouts in which I’m drawing from all the modalities, i.e., yoga, tai chi, Feldenkrais, I’m instead going to focus on one particular modality, say, tomorrow on Feldenkrais, maybe referring to Erik Franklin’s work. I will continue to finish my workout by tossing balls around. This, I think, is the best thing of all for eye-hand coordination.

The second revelation was that the horses have their playground of higher learning. And I have mine. This is an important revelation in that thinking about the spaces I work/play in and require the horses to work in more easily brings commonalities to mind. Today was an excellent example of this. I did my body awareness work on my gymnasium mat, and the horses did their body awareness work on theirs. I also went for a run. And I took Raudi and Tinni, together, for an amble.

I also did agility with the mares. I cannot now think of an equivalent human exercise pattern. I guess I could, and I will, go through their course before I take them through it, in a very mindful fashion.

Spring has sprung, or spring is springing, so it is now easier to be out for longer lengths of time. It’s like my mind goes into deep freeze in the winter. Lots of slop and glop – and one of my Alaska Tuff rubber boots has a rip in it, so water and mud seep in when I walk around the yard. I do feel now like I’m coming back to life. Could be a false alarm. You never know.

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