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April 16, 2020: From the Horses Owner’s Mouth

Everyone has their own sort of challenges these days, what with an unpredictable fire breathing virus breathing down their back. Just turn around and you are toast. Things gone a rye.

Me, I have had moments when I’ve felt a bit under the weather, the term used when the sky is overcast. More so than the virus, I’m being affected by the rain, cold, overcast sky mix. I’m not getting done near what I should be getting done. I give new meaning to the words dragging one’s feet. I usually have a higher than normal energy level. Now it’s just a normal energy level. I have to force myself to lift my feet. Usually they go up and down, sideways and backwards, of their own accord.

Alys prays for sunshine

I decided a few days ago to talk more with friends. So last night I spoke with my good friend Heather, who owns Rio. It was a good horsey conversation – we talked a lot about our spring and summer plans. We are going to get together, we can do this, and do our horsey thing a distance from one another. We also talked some about what I saw on Craig’s List, two ponies for sale named Giggles and Cheesecake. I told Heather I want those ponies – she intimated that with names like that, they’d be spoiled. Today I thought this would be nothing new. Instead of having four spoiled ponies, I’d have six. I must have the pony virus.

And this morning I spoke with my friend and mentor Susan Harris. I just wasn’t up for getting any writing done, which for me is rather odd. I am nearly done with the dang book – I just have one interview to revise. I guess I’m heel dragging because Pete won’t be reading it until the semester’s end.

Anyhow, Susan. She recently illustrated a book that was written by Janet Jones, who in the articles that she’s written, has made the horse/human mind/body connection. I asked Janet if I might write a review of the book – she and publisher think that this is a good idea. Susan had some good ideas as to where I might submit reviews. So I’ll do this when the book gets here.

Susan also read me a Facebook Post by a well-known horse trainer, Denny Emerson – he writes about change, and the importance of acknowledging that at best, it’s a near intangible process. He gave the examples of watching paint dry and grass grow. I was really inspired in hearing this, and in hearing Susan’s response to Denny, because I’ve been thinking about this for some time.

It was like he and Susan both were giving me permission to continue to do what I’m doing with the horses, which is taking things slowly. The past few days, in fact, I’ve been riding them with this in mind. Instead of asking them to speed up when they aren’t doing as I request, I’m slowing down. And in slowing down, we go back to working on our walk, at a nice, even, measured pace. I also then focus on my Centered Riding imagery.

More so, all this today, after hearing what Susan had to say. The two youngers, Tyra and Hrimmi, they aren’t as far along as Raudi, so I can ask more of her. Today, on the return trip, I had her continue past our gate. She complied, even when Hrimmi started whinnying for her.

Then, at the base of the hill I had her turn around and go back up, at a canter and then at a trot.

What’s important here is that she did figure out that this was something she should do, overnight. It has taken years and years to get this response.

So, anyhow, I didn’t get any writing done, but I somehow lifted my leaden feet and managed to keep going. Tomorrow is going to be a better day. For sure.

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