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April 15, 2020: A Conversation with Mr. Tinni

Alys: Hey Tinni, let me get in here and pick up this poop.
Tinni: Just two piles here.
A: No problem. I want your enclosure to be as clean as possible.
T: Got a problem.
A: A Big problem?
T: A medium sized problem.
A: What’s that?
T: Look inside my stall.
A: Oh oh. Lots of runoff here.
T: Oh oh lots of runoff here is right. Look, it’s half way up my hooves.
A: Let me get the shovel and shovel some out.
T: What you are suggesting won’t do much good.
A: What I’m suggesting will do some good.
T: For a few minutes, at least.
A: Tinni, I am so sorry.

Alys and Raudi pony Tinni

T: I can’t hang out in the stall. And it’s raining.
A: Yes, it’s a cold rain.
T: This is awful, just awful.
A: Mr. T, I feel your pain.
T: You don’t really feel my pain. You imagine that you feel my pain.
A: You sound like Tyra.
T: She’s too intelligent for her own good.
A: Yeah, so we have to watch out for her.
T: How so?
A: That she stays out of trouble when she’s in the yard. She’s very inquisitive.
T: They (all the mares) are inquisitive. Tyra just gets bored more quickly.
A: Yes, that’s so. Let’s get back to talking about you.
T: You went for a ride today. You rode Tyra and Pete rode Raudi and ponied Hrimmi.
A: Yes, we went down to the Murphy Road turnoff.
T: Yes. And you didn’t take me.
A: I wasn’t sure you wanted to go.
T: You didn’t ask.
A: The weather was really nasty.
T: Still is.
A: And I suspect that it’s going to remain this way for the next few weeks.
T: Have I become a fair-weather horse?
A: No. I just didn’t think that you would enjoy yourself.
T: You are passing judgement on a situation without referring to the source.
A: I won’t do this again.
T: So tell me the truth. Am I now retired? Tyra says that I am. She also said that retired horses aren’t expected to do anything. Am I just going to waste away in this wet shelter area?
A: No. You aren’t retired. You’re semi-retired.
T: What’s the difference?
A: Being semi-retired means that you are still to be ridden upon occasion and most definitely ponied when we go out on trail rides.
T: And left behind when you go on long trips?
A: Most likely, yes, because we tend to ride at high altitudes.
T: Well, if you do go off on some other trip, I want some say as to where I might be left.
A: Ideally, I’d like to leave you here.
T: The best thing of all would be to have your friend Terri Mielke be your house sitter.
A: She has a family and a lot of responsibilities.
T: I am aware of this. Does she still have Danny?
A: No, he’s now owned by a supposed more confident rider.
T: He really did love Terri.
A: And he loves his new owner.
T: Bottom line, I stay here, with an equine companion and a horse sitter.
A: I will move heaven and earth, and see what I can do.
T: Thanks. Much appreciated.

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