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April 11, 2019: A Conversation with Raudi

The following conversation took place at the hitching post as I was brushing Raudi and getting her ready to go out with Tinni.

Raudi: Notice that I’m the last one to go out today.
Alys: Not really. Tinni hasn’t been out either.
R: So both the old guy and I are going out last.
A: Yes. No big deal, right?
R: It’s a very big deal.
A: Why?
R: Herd order is everything in a horses’ life.
A: Yes, I know this. But it would make matters a lot easier if you would be flexible.
R: I am flexible. See? I can touch my rear leg with my nose.
A: Okay. I mean more obliging.
R: You need to be more obliging.
A: Well, let me explain.
R: Go ahead.

Alys and Raudi in the Fall of 2007

A: I first took Ryder out on Siggi’s Loop because I wanted to check out the condition of the trail.
R: I presume it was okay because you came home, put Ryder inside, and then took Tyra out.
A: Correct. I took her out on the trail.
R: And then?
A: I next took Hrimmi out on the trail.
R: But you did not take me on the trail.
A: This is because you run home when I let you off lead.
R: True. You could have instead ridden me.
A: I brought you and Tinni out last because you both were in need of a good brushing.
R: Couldn’t you have brushed us first?
A: I suppose I could have. But I was thinking sequentially. First the dog on the trail, then Tyra, and then Hrimmi.
R: You know, your rather thoughtless approach to such matters is making my life much harder than it needs to be.
A: How so?
R: You are in essence telling the younger ones that the wishes of the head mare, that is me, are of no consequence.
A: Not so.
R: No, very much so.
A: Well, if you say so.
R: I do say so.
A: All right then, I’ll make sure that you get out of the pen and exercised first from now on.
R: Thank you. I appreciate it.
A: Any other things that I might do to make her highnesses life easier?
R: Yes. Make sure I get my supplements first.
A: I thought I’d been doing this.
R: Nope. You’ve been catering to that chestnut wrench.
A: Do I detect some jealousy here?
R: No. But let’s not forget, I was here first.
A: What does this have to do with this conversation.
R: Everything.
A: Huh?
R: My being first here means that I should get preferential treatment.
A: Oh.
R: Oh is right.
A: In a few days you will be 16 years old.
R: Yes. And Tyra will be 5. And Hrimmi will be 6.
A: That’s right.
R: They need to know that they need to respect their elders.
A: Do they respect Tinni?
R: Hrimmi does. Tyra does not. She acts like she owns the place.
A: You all own the place.
R: I’m having a hard time believing this.
A: I think that in the future we need to talk more about this.
R: Yeah. Time spent talking takes away from time spent eating.
A: Now we have something we agree upon.
R: Finally.
A: Finally.

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